Welcome to Remek Vizslas

We are dedicated to the Vizsla as a dual dog, one with correct conformation that excels in the field, without losing the qualities that make it a wonderful companion in the home.  Preserving the Vizsla's heritage as a sporting dog is of the utmost importance to us.

We are currently active in conformation showing, field
trials and hunt tests and hope to get involved in obedience
some day.  We belong to the Show Me Vizsla Club, the
Hawkeye Vizsla Club, the Vizsla Club of Illinois and the 
Vizsla Club of America.

We take breeding seriously, believing that only dogs that
are proven to be quality and healthy representatives of 
the breed should be bred.
  We feel that the only objective in breeding is to improve the breed.  Consequently, our dogs are proven in the ring and the field and undergo all recommended health tests before we even consider breeding them.          

Our dogs are a source of great joy and amusement to us and we hope you enjoy reading about them. 

Feel free to contact us at laurie@remekvizslas.net.

Skip and Laurie Wonnell
McLouth, KS


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