DC Rugerheim's Hot Ticket

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DC Rugerheim's Hot Ticket

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN20052803
Owner(s) J Combs/R Combs


El Paso Del Norte GSP Club2005-11-04 AGD 1 8Bill RootGilbert Pinon
El Paso Del Norte GSP Club2004-06-05 AGD 3 13Garland RootGilbert Pinon
El Paso Del Norte GSP Club2003-12-06 ALGD 4 8Vicki NorthingtonGail Tunberg
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2003-11-14 ALGD 4 11William PearceSteve Schemnitz
El Paso Del Norte GSP Club2003-03-28 AGD 2 8Patrick HarringtonHarry Johnson
El Paso Del Norte GSP Club2003-03-28 ALGD 1 4Patrick HarringtonRick Petersen
Southern Arizona GSP Club2003-02-15 AGD 4 16Mike McMullanDan Schoenfelder
Desert GSP Club2002-11-23 AGD 3 29Dan SchoenfelderDaisy Schapheer
Yucca GSP Club2002-02-09 ALGD 1 4Gene WullkotteMary Hidalgo
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2001-02-03 ALGD 1 7Randy McKnightSteve Bailey
Desert GSP Club2000-09-02 AGD 3 27Robert SmithArt Lee
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2000-06-03 ALGD 1 4Frank FosterDick Wilber
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2000-02-19 ALGD 1 10Dick WilberWilliam Pearce
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2000-02-05 AGD 2 12Tom HamulakJeff Hoskins
El Paso Del Norte GSP Club1999-12-11 AGD 3 8Randy McKnightArnulfo Tovar
GSP Club of Las Cruces1999-12-04 OLGD 3 14Mike McMullanMichael McGah
Yucca GSP Club1999-11-13 AGD 2 18Randy McKnightSarah Sherk
Yucca GSP Club1999-11-13 OGD 1 15Randy McKnightSarah Sherk
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque1999-06-05 ALGD 1 7D HortonGordon Hansen
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque1999-06-05 OGD 4 14Mark HillDavid Towner
GSP Club of Las Cruces1999-02-20 OGD 2 18Chad BaumSteve A Lithgow
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque1999-02-13 ALGD 1 8Joe BondDennis Hidalgo
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque1999-02-13 OGD 3 25Joe BondSteve A Lithgow
Desert GSP Club1999-01-23 AGD 4 18John CrossArnulfo Tovar