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NAFC FC AFC Gould's Jus Call Me TJ

AKC Number SN27128501
Breed Weimaraner
Owner(s) D Gould
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Call Name    TJ


San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2005-09-24 ALGD 4 20Craig LewisRich Strumpf
Weimaraner Club of America2005-03-09 AGD 2 18Garland RootDon Pool
Weimaraner Club of America2005-03-09 OGD 3 25R J MarguartJim Searles
Weimaraner Club of America2004-12-04 NAFC 1 27Gene MoseleyRoy Smith
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2004-11-13 ALGD 3 12Alex McLachlanKaren Holmes
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2004-10-29 ALGD 2 12Ed Goulart Jr.Ross Nott
Southland Weimaraner Club2004-10-16 OLGD 3 13John CushingLouis D'Alessandro
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2004-09-18 ALGD 2 19John DevereGenaro Vargas
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2004-09-18 OLGD 3 28Don PoolTony Vandenberg
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2004-03-13 ALGD 3 25Steve CosgraveElden Bouchie
Weimaraner Club of America2004-03-02 AGD 1 18Roy HoglundWilliam Leffingwell
Weimaraner Club of America2004-03-02 OGD 1 31Craig LewisMarc Rittner
Southland Weimaraner Club2004-02-20 ALGD 3 8Greg KnightRobert Woelm
Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club2004-02-14 OLGD 1 27Raymond NelsonRoss Nott
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2004-02-07 ALGD 2 15John CushingCharles Lundy
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2003-03-15 ALGD 1 25J BodutchDavid Lachance
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2003-03-15 OLGD 4 22Suzanne PecciJ Bodutch
Weimaraner Club of America2003-03-05 AGD 2 10Christephen PottsD Ljungren
Weimaraner Club of America2003-03-05 OGD 2 21Gary WickwireJames Landis
Weimaraner Club of America2003-03-05 OAA 2 10Robert JohnstonD Ljungren
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2003-02-22 OLGD 2 29Ted FosterLeif Lendrop
Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club2003-02-15 ALGD 3 10Gordon StrohmeierEsteri Hinman
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2003-02-08 OLGD 4 25Shane PinkardDon Pool
Southland Weimaraner Club2003-02-01 OLGD 4 17John CushingLouis D'Alessandro
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2003-01-25 ALGD 1 4John CushingRussell Boyd
Weimaraner Club of America2002-03-06 OAA 1 18Gordon StrohmeierRoy Smith
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2002-02-23 ALGD 2 8Jennifer SextonBill Landress
Southland Weimaraner Club2002-02-16 ALGD 3 6John CushingDarlene R Anthony
Southland Weimaraner Club2002-02-16 OLGD 2 12Marc RittnerDarlene R Anthony
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2002-02-09 ALGD 1 14Kent GreenoughRoy Hoglund
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2002-02-09 OLGD 1 27Paul PishosRoy Hoglund
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2002-01-19 OLGD 2 22Anne BoydLou Tonelli
Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club2001-09-07 OLGD 2 7Bill HuntleyTony Vandenberg
Weimaraner Club of America2001-02-28 AGD 1 23Craig LewisBill Landress
Weimaraner Club of America2001-02-28 OAA 4 13Kita MorrisMichael Jessen
Southland Weimaraner Club2001-02-24 ALGD 1 13Russ SettellWayne Down
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2001-02-17 OLGD 3 14Patrick ThielJ Givens
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2001-02-10 OLGD 1 34Craig LewisDave Tompkins
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2000-09-09 ALGD 1 6Harry BeckTony Vandenberg
Golden Empire Brittany Club1999-10-09 AGD 2 11Craig LewisGordon Strohmeier
Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club1999-09-25 AGD 1 8Steve AskinRoy Smith
Southland Weimaraner Club1999-02-27 OGD 1 26Craig LewisMarc Rittner
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club1999-02-13 AGD 2 8Randy MackeyMatt Czarnecki Jr.
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club1999-02-13 OGD 2 20Randy MackeyMatt Czarnecki Jr.


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