FC AFC Marjo's Spirit Of Hybrittin

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FC AFC Marjo's Spirit Of Hybrittin

AKC Number SN28432206
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) J Luisi
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Del-Val Brittany Club2005-09-10 OGD 2 15Jerry AlbaneseHans Borgmann
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2005-04-01 AGD 3 20Lynda ZartarianPaul Pollock
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2004-10-16 OGD 1 14Jake BarberLuann Fullwood
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2004-04-02 AAA 3 16Ralph Pratt JRRobert Anders
Rappahannock Brittany Club2004-03-27 OGD 4 20Jim ZaktanskyJake Barber
Southern New England Brittany Club2004-03-20 OLGD 4 13Martin GarrellAllen Welch
Southeastern Brittany Club2004-02-20 OGD 1 25Paul PollockWray Crawford
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2003-11-15 ALGD 2 8Dan PankoHelmut Schoen
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2003-10-18 OGD 3 14Joan CinnamonNeil Colquhoun
Southern New England Brittany Club2003-10-10 OGD 3 26Ivan ClarkRonnie Clark
Del-Val Brittany Club2003-09-13 AGD 1 19Gus AllimonosJames D'Amico
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2003-09-06 OLGD 2 16Lynda ZartarianArthur Roos SR
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2003-04-26 OLGD 1 38James BrighamBob Burchett
Del-Val Brittany Club2003-03-28 AGD 1 30Ray McCarthyArt Cohen
Delaware Valley GWP Club2002-11-02 ALGD 1 10Lynn FairRick Borwegen
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2002-10-18 AGD 3 21Jim ZaktanskyDebra Zaktansky
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2002-10-18 OGD 4 23Hans BorgmannEdward Kerr
Southern New England Brittany Club2002-10-12 OGD 1 21Ms. J Flanagan-BjorkPatricia Carney
Southern New England Brittany Club2002-10-12 OLGD 4 18Leslie HuntJonathan Quaranta
Long Island Weimaraner Club2002-09-28 OGD 4 14Robert DrummPaul Pollock
Del-Val Brittany Club2002-09-13 OGD 3 17William KoeberPaul Snyder
Del-Val Brittany Club2002-04-26 OGD 2 15Kenneth FisherRay Bowman
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2002-04-06 OGD 4 19Francis SakieyGreg Ritchings
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2002-03-23 AGD 1 18Mike MullineauxJames D'Amico
Susquehanna Brittany Club, Inc.2002-03-08 AGD 3 24Ivan ClarkRonnie Clark
Delaware Valley GWP Club2001-11-03 ALGD 2 15Malcolm DeckerFrancis Sakiey
Northern Virginia Brittany Club, Inc.2001-10-26 AGD 3 25Lowell StarnerBruce Conover
Del-Val Brittany Club2001-04-27 AGD 1 18Walt TaitArthur Moritz
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2001-04-07 AGD 1 22Kenneth FisherBruce Conover
Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club2001-03-16 ALGD 1 13Marianne GoodwinGreg Nicholson
Vizsla Club of Greater New York2000-12-02 OGD 2 28Arthur Roos SRDorothea Romano
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2000-10-21 AGD 3 21Jake BarberTerry Carty
AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship2000-05-15 NFC 2 62Carlos J AlarconKen Ruff
Del-Val Brittany Club2000-04-21 AAA 4 13M RamseurF Moorehouse
Del-Val Brittany Club2000-04-21 OLGD 1 21Robert TschidaWilliam Bruchey
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2000-04-08 ALGD 2 21Jerry AlbaneseDave Pomfret
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2000-03-24 AGD 2 19Thomas DigneyWalt Tait
Susquehanna Brittany Club, Inc.2000-03-11 OAA 4 21Neil ColquhounLeslie Casselberry
Delaware Valley GWP Club2000-03-04 ALGD 4 17Robert WallF Moorehouse
Delaware Valley GWP Club2000-03-04 OLGD 4 18Frank BoccanfusoEdward Kerr
Del-Val Brittany Club1999-04-23 OLGD 1 19Jerry AlbaneseP Pietrangelo
Garden State Weimaraner Club1999-04-16 ALGD 1 20Charles CarrFrancis Sakiey
Central New England Brittany Club1999-04-10 OAA 1 13Jeff GrayRichard Garini
Central New England Brittany Club1999-04-10 OLGD 2 12Richard GariniSue D'Arcy
Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club1999-03-12 OLGD 3 19James D'AmicoP Pietrangelo


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FC AFC Marjo's Here For The Party(by Hits A Boy Named Sioux)