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Breed Brittany
AKC Number SN30034903
Owner(s) K Barber/P Barber


GSP Club of Idaho2004-04-24 OGD 4 12George WilsonLinda Cross
GSP Club of Idaho2003-04-26 AGD 3 15Linda CrossEmmett Burns
Idaho Brittany Club2003-03-29 AGD 2 8Linda CrossCharles W Everett
GSP Club of Idaho2002-04-27 OLGD 2 9Emmett BurnsRichard Dodge
Idaho Brittany Club2000-09-30 OGD 1 16Linda MartinFrank Bright
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2000-04-15 OGD 1 24Sagran VMarilynne Little
Idaho Brittany Club2000-04-01 OGD 1 8Clem LittleEmmett Burns
Idaho Brittany Club1999-04-03 AAA 2 8Rich DenkerEmmett Burns