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CH Animels Trebyes Top Spot

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN32474904
Owner(s) G Seybert


Central Florida GSP Club2005-12-16 ALGD 3 9Bob WilsonGino Dicanio
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2005-03-25 AGD 1 22J.B. StephensRick Crites
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2005-03-25 OGD 4 13Rick CritesRon Lambert
Central Florida GSP Club2004-12-03 AGD 3 9Gino DicanioNancy Endersbee
Central Florida GSP Club2004-12-03 OGD 2 8Gino DicanioRon Lambert
Central Florida GSP Club2004-01-23 ALGD 3 10A J JacksonDavid King
Central Florida GSP Club2003-12-12 OGD 4 13Carl ChecklickAl Luther
Mid Florida Brittany Club2003-02-01 AGD 2 17Cindy AllenAlbert Allen
Mid Florida Brittany Club2003-02-01 OAA 4 8Albert AllenJohn Bidou
Central Florida GSP Club2003-01-24 ALGD 4 14Bob ErbeAl Luther
Central Florida GSP Club2002-12-06 ALGD 3 13John EckerRichard Kern
Mid Florida Brittany Club2002-04-13 OLGD 2 7Albert AllenKerry T Knouff
GSP Club of North Florida2002-02-08 OLGD 3 18Carl ChecklickBob Erbe
Central Florida GSP Club2002-01-25 AGD 1 13Carl ChecklickTerry Cabral
Central Florida GSP Club2002-01-25 OAA 2 4Bob ErbeTerry Cabral
Central Florida GSP Club2001-11-03 AGD 4 10Leonard HuttoAl Luther
Central Florida GSP Club2001-11-03 OGD 3 17Lew RhodenEd Moody
GSP Club of North Florida2001-02-09 OAA 4 9Bob ErbeClifford Schnepf
GSP Club of North Florida2000-11-10 AGD 1 18Hiriam StanfillBrad Wilson
GSP Club of North Florida2000-11-10 ALGD 3 12Hiriam StanfillWayne Troutman
Mid Florida Brittany Club2000-02-04 OLGD 4 17W AllenAlbert Allen
Central Florida GSP Club2000-01-28 OAA 4 15Brad WilsonBob Erbe
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club1999-12-18 OLGD 3 24Hiriam StanfillDan R Montambo