Grau Geist's Valley High

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Grau Geist's Valley High

Breed Weimaraner
AKC Number SN33203702
Owner(s) F Foster/R Foster


South Plains Pointer Club2006-04-29 AAA 1 8Jim HardinGene Mason
South Plains Pointer Club2005-04-30 OAA 1 4Jim HardinGene Mason
South Plains Pointer Club2004-04-24 OAA 3 8Jim HardinBlake Biggs
South Plains Pointer Club2001-11-17 AGD 2 8Ronnie SaleBlake Biggs
San Antonio Weimaraner Club2001-11-14 AGD 2 9William SealeTom Longfellow
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2001-11-09 OGD 3 8Vicki NorthingtonJohn Cross
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2000-02-19 AGD 2 9John CrossDick Wilber
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque1999-10-02 ALGD 3 9Grant StanfillGene Kindred
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque1999-02-13 OLGD 1 14Joe BondJohn Marczeski