AFC CH Cadenberg Wicked One V. Ike

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AFC CH Cadenberg Wicked One V. Ike

AKC Number SN33800708
Owner(s) S Degraw


Fort Detroit GWP Club2004-11-06 OGD 1 6Robert SmithKim Kitchen
Fort Detroit GWP Club2004-04-03 OGD 1 13Robert SmithWilliam Mehring
Fort Detroit GWP Club2004-04-03 OLGD 2 8Robert SmithJames Baker
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club2003-05-17 OGD 2 12Mike BraddockJim Yates
Irish Setter Club of Michigan2003-05-03 OLGD 3 18Mark SargentRichard Pristov
Fort Detroit GWP Club2002-11-09 OGD 4 16Mike BraddockRon Yospur
Fort Detroit GWP Club2002-11-09 OLGD 2 6John PotterJames Baker
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2002-05-26 AGD 1 13Barry PetersonKim Kitchen
Irish Setter Club of Michigan2002-05-04 OLGD 2 20Martina FriedebergSusan Borocz
Fort Detroit GWP Club2002-04-06 AGD 1 13Mark SargentWilliam Mehring
Fort Detroit GWP Club2001-11-10 AGD 2 14Mark ProvostArthur Creaney
Fort Detroit GWP Club2001-04-07 AGD 1 8Ed TuckerMark Sargent
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.1999-10-02 OLGD 3 26Larry HeskettBill Elliott
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.1999-08-28 OGD 3 15Marianne GoodwinRobert Powell