FC AFC Statens Pearl J.R Of Vic Funk

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FC AFC Statens Pearl J.R Of Vic Funk

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN35902805
Owner(s) V Funk


Desert GSP Club2006-08-25 OLGD 1 16Lynda SwartDavid Bills
Desert GSP Club2005-08-26 OLGD 3 15Rick PetersenPeterson Ric
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2004-01-31 AGD 1 13Patrick HarringtonJeff Hoskins
El Paso Del Norte GSP Club2003-12-06 ALGD 3 8Vicki NorthingtonGail Tunberg
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2003-11-14 ALGD 1 11William PearceSteve Schemnitz
GSP Club of Las Cruces2003-11-07 OGD 4 14Michael McGahBill Root
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2003-10-04 AGD 2 14Lyle ChristiansenVicki Northington
Desert GSP Club2003-08-29 OGD 2 49Bill GibbonsSteve Pasas
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2003-01-25 AGD 3 11Daniel TaylorBill Landress
Desert GSP Club2002-04-06 AGD 2 16Peterson RicJim Moreau
Southern Arizona GSP Club2002-02-16 OGD 1 15Norman AhlLee Holsinger
Southern Arizona GSP Club2001-02-17 OGD 1 15Michael McGahFrank Santana
Desert GSP Club2001-01-19 AGD 2 35Patrick HarringtonDave Hayes
Yucca GSP Club2000-11-11 OGD 3 13Frank FosterBecky Foster
Desert GSP Club2000-04-08 OGD 2 10Lyle ChristiansenRobert Osborn
Desert GSP Club2000-01-21 AGD 3 21Michael McGahD Gaska