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FC AFC Lehmschlogs Think Blue

AKC Number SN36210507
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) S Milbrad/P Milbrad
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Northwest Pointing Dog Association2005-05-07 OAA 4 13Steve JonesPaul Husemann
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2005-05-07 OLGD 3 10Gary GriffithTom Farwell
Oregon GWP Club2004-10-02 AAA 1 15Myron MeifertBen Hill
Oregon GWP Club2004-10-02 OAA 1 15Steve JonesRoger Borine
Oregon GWP Club2004-05-08 OAA 1 10Steve JonesRoger Borine
Cascade Pointer Club2004-04-30 OAA 2 18Dennis PenningtonBrian Hill
Cascade Pointer Club2004-04-30 OLAA 2 12Trena CardwellRoger Borine
GSP Club of Washington2004-04-17 OAA 3 7Robert LopezEd Sitar
Southern Arizona GSP Club2004-01-24 OAA 3 18Steve ShortTim Schillereff
GWP Club of Northern California2003-11-07 OAA 4 8Jack DraperBill Landress
GSP Club of Oregon2003-03-29 OAA 3 14Daniel GreenBen Hill
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2003-02-01 OAA 2 16Tony VandenbergBrian Kelleher
Oregon GWP Club2002-04-06 OAA 1 20Angela SchillereffBrian Hill
Tri Cities GSP Club2002-03-23 OAA 1 13Kevin VareyMichael Jordan
Sutter Buttes GSP Club2001-11-17 OAA 1 10Harry BeckRobert Smith
GSP Club of Riverside County2001-11-09 OAA 1 14Roy HoglundTim Schillereff
GSP Club of Oregon2001-09-08 OAA 1 19Peter Von OhlenHeinz Ahlman
Cascade Pointer Club2001-04-07 AAA 3 18Dennis LeisMike Hemphill
Inland Empire Brittany Club2001-03-17 AGD 3 14William VyeMarilynne Little
Inland Empire Brittany Club2001-03-17 AAA 1 4Marilynne LittleJoe Axtell
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2000-12-02 AGD 1 16Don PoolJon Morton
GSP Club of Riverside County2000-11-10 OLAA 1 10Wayne RomanskiRon Myers
San Joaquin GSP Club2000-11-04 OAA 1 14Paul BaileyFrank Callahan
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2000-10-07 OAA 3 13Matt Czarnecki Jr.Catherine Black
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2000-02-05 OGD 1 22Robert SmithLou Tonelli


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