FC Ohi's Straitline Zeke

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FC Ohi's Straitline Zeke

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN36980503
Owner(s) S Brown


Buckeye GSP Club2006-04-22 AGD 1 16Jim WallaceWilliam Van De Weerd
GSP Club of Ohio2005-10-08 AGD 3 13Tom DavisDennis Baker
Buckeye GSP Club2005-04-23 OGD 1 13Jim WallaceScott Weslow
GSP Club of Ohio2005-04-16 AAA 2 9Jay SchnackelHelmut Schoen
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2004-11-13 OLGD 3 8Tim CarwileJames O'Donnell
GSP Club of Ohio2004-10-01 AGD 3 11Kelly CusterSteve Mendenhall
GSP Club of Ohio2004-10-01 OGD 4 18William BrucheyRon Yospur
Buckeye GSP Club2004-04-17 AGD 2 16Ronald ShcultzWilliam Van De Weerd
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2003-11-15 ALGD 2 14Dave PomfretGene Dagenhart
GSP Club of Ohio2003-10-03 ALGD 2 15Scott SnyderBob Wilson
Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland2003-09-12 OAA 1 21Mike AdamsVince J Costello
GSP Club of Ohio2002-04-12 ALGD 2 16Garry CurrenLou J Pinto
Buckeye GSP Club2001-04-21 ALGD 4 13Richard PristovDenny Keeton
GSP Club of Ohio2001-04-13 OGD 3 32Joe HorriganWilliam Van De Weerd
GSP Club of Ohio1999-10-08 ALGD 1 13Fred RyanL Silks
GSP Club of Ohio1999-10-08 AGD 4 22Harry VanderzwetRonald Shcultz
Buckeye GSP Club1999-04-24 AGD 2 16Jay SchnackelTerrance Ankron
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.1999-04-10 AGD 4 17Dan TenagliaKevin Culver