FC Snowy Rivers Jukebox Shooter

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FC Snowy Rivers Jukebox Shooter

AKC Number SN37443908
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) D Mccormick/S Mccormick
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San Joaquin GSP Club2004-03-05 OGD 2 30Harry BeckDon Pool
GSP Club of Riverside County2003-11-07 OGD 2 14Tom WhiteRobert Walker
GSP Club of San Diego2003-02-08 OAA 3 8Debbie MoreauJim Moreau
Southern Arizona GSP Club2003-01-25 AGD 4 22Steve ShortTim Schillereff
Vizsla Club of Southern California2003-01-11 ALGD 2 18Greg KnightTerry Erickson
San Joaquin GSP Club2002-03-08 OAA 3 14Paul ButtsLynn Coats
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2002-02-02 AGD 4 22Leroy MerrellJim Absmeier
GSP Club of Riverside County2000-11-10 OAA 4 13Greg KnightRon Myers
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2000-10-07 OAA 1 13Matt Czarnecki Jr.Catherine Black
GSP Club of Reno2000-05-06 AAA 3 12Sagran VGordon Strohmeier
Southern Arizona GSP Club2000-01-29 OGD 3 45Doug JohnstonEmmett Burns
GWP Club of Southern California1999-11-27 OAA 2 6Wayne RomanskiEllis Herz
San Joaquin GSP Club1999-11-06 OAA 3 5Jack DraperHarry Beck


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