AFC Rebels Yankee Chaser

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AFC Rebels Yankee Chaser

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN40034202
Owner(s) S Swearingen


GSP Club of South Georgia2006-11-11 OGD 3 15Scott KrauseBrad Wilson
GSP Club of Atlanta2006-03-04 OGD 2 13David WalkerDon Coller
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2005-11-26 OGD 3 21Hiriam StanfillEd Moody
GSP Club of Atlanta2005-03-05 AGD 2 17M BrentFinn Olsen
GSP Club of Atlanta2005-03-05 OGD 2 25Tim SmelcerDavid Walker
GSP Club of Atlanta2005-01-07 AGD 4 23Jane PiroloDave Pomfret
GSP Club of South Georgia2004-12-10 AGD 1 21Joel DavidsonScott Krause
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2004-03-12 AGD 4 22Bob StricklandRaymond Mooney
GSP Club of Atlanta2004-02-28 OGD 2 14Joel DavidsonLouise Minicozzi
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2003-03-07 OGD 2 14Tom OswaldTom Oswald
GSP Club of South Georgia2003-02-21 AGD 2 17Chris GoeganSteve Mendenhall
GSP Club of Atlanta2003-01-10 AGD 2 18M BrentBob Strickland
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2003-01-04 AGD 3 20Gary PrinceDorothea Romano
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2002-03-08 AGD 3 8Joel DavidsonPhil Rodenbaugh
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2001-03-09 AGD 4 15M BrentCurtis Lacy
GSP Club of Atlanta2000-12-01 OGD 3 16Scott KrauseBrad Wilson
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2000-11-24 AGD 3 4Brad WilsonTom Oswald
GSP Club of Atlanta2000-03-18 OLGD 3 11M WarrakWalt Remlinger
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2000-03-11 AGD 3 10Joel DavidsonTom Oswald
GSP Club of South Georgia2000-02-25 AGD 1 19M BrentClifford Schnepf
GSP Club of Atlanta1999-12-03 AGD 3 16M BrentDon Crowley