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FC AFC Take It To The Bank

AKC Number SN42607801
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) B Hill
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GSP Club of Washington2005-04-16 OLGD 3 28Katherine BrownRay Calkins
GSP Club of Oregon2004-09-11 OLGD 4 18Steve JonesPeter Von Ohlen
Inland Empire GSP Club2003-09-26 OLGD 4 8Robin SitarEd Sitar
Inland Empire GSP Club2002-09-27 OGD 3 27Robert LopezEd Sitar
Inland Empire GSP Club2002-09-27 OLGD 4 10Steve JonesJanet Grunbok
Oregon GWP Club2002-09-14 OLGD 4 21Todd SchaafGary Brown
GSP Club of Oregon2002-09-07 ALGD 1 22Gary BrownJohn Files
GSP Club of Oregon2002-09-07 OLGD 2 29Calvin PalmerFrank Fernandez
GSP Club of Washington2002-08-31 ALGD 1 21Victoria JonesHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of Washington2002-08-31 OLGD 2 20John FilesJanet Grunbok
Cascade Pointer Club2002-05-04 OGD 2 30Nicole HanzelTom Farwell
Oregon GWP Club2002-04-06 ALGD 1 14Doug JohnstonJoe Waitman
GSP Club of Oregon2002-03-30 ALGD 1 15Hal EngelRobert Lopez
Tri Cities GSP Club2002-03-23 OGD 4 26Kevin VareyMichael Jordan
Cascade Pointer Club2001-09-22 AGD 1 19Mike HemphillHeinz Ahlman
Oregon GWP Club2001-09-15 ALGD 1 12Rocky TavaresEugene Barnhart
Oregon GWP Club2001-09-15 OLGD 2 21Rich DenkerAnne Boyd
Western Washington Weimaraner Club2001-09-01 OLGD 1 28James LandisRobert Showalter
Inland Empire GSP Club2001-04-14 OLGD 1 19Penny LjungrenTom Farwell
Cascade Pointer Club2001-04-07 ALGD 1 18Craig KellyRay Calkins
GSP Club of Oregon2001-03-31 OLGD 2 25Stuart MilbradD Ljungren
Tri Cities GSP Club2000-09-16 OGD 1 32Angela SchillereffRobert Johnston
GSP Club of Oregon2000-09-09 OGD 2 31Steve JonesHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of Oregon2000-09-09 OLGD 1 31Rocky TavaresEugene Barnhart
GSP Club of Oregon2000-08-26 OGD 4 29Gary BrownKatherine Brown
GSP Club of Idaho2000-05-12 AGD 4 19Rich DenkerJerry Krebs
GSP Club of Oregon2000-04-01 OGD 2 34Katherine BrownMick Cates
Inland Empire GSP Club1999-10-01 OLGD 4 15Robert KlineTom Farwell
Oregon GWP Club1999-09-25 OLGD 2 24T DolanStuart Milbrad
Willamette Weimaraner Club1999-08-21 AGD 1 17Dennis LeisJoe Waitman
GSP Club of Washington1999-04-24 AGD 2 27Ray CalkinsJim Manley
GSP Club of Oregon1999-04-03 ALGD 4 13Robert LopezRobert Johnston
Oregon Brittany Club1999-03-27 AGD 1 17Jim PrattPeter Von Ohlen


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