DC Chikamin's Tub O'Gold

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DC Chikamin's Tub O'Gold

AKC Number SN42617702
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) C Theilen/G Theilen
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Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet)2005-11-11 AAA 1 15Jan KilpatrickMary Karbiner
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2005-10-15 AAA 3 15Steve CosgraveHelen Rogers-Riggle
Oregon Brittany Club2005-09-03 OAA 2 15Rick AxtellPeter Von Ohlen
American Brittany Club, Inc.2005-04-19 OLAA 2 20Dennis LeisJune McConnell
Northern California Brittany Club2004-09-30 OAA 3 13Hank HartnekRich Strumpf
Central California Brittany Club2004-02-28 OAA 2 18Jim AbsmeierBob Travers
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2003-11-07 OAA 1 20Tom MilamDick Wilber
Golden Empire Brittany Club2003-10-04 OAA 1 4Pam BudaKimberlee Ramage
Northern California Brittany Club2003-09-20 AAA 2 13Lawrence SanduskyBill Landress
Northern California Brittany Club2003-09-20 OAA 4 13Michael VazTom Gross
Oregon Brittany Club2003-08-30 AAA 1 21Willey RichmondEric Mauck
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2002-11-08 AAA 3 20Joe BondMary Karbiner
Idaho Brittany Club2002-09-28 AAA 1 14Dennis LeisEmmett Burns
Whid Isle Brittany Club2002-03-21 AAA 2 10Edward MayhewDaniel Green
Golden Empire Brittany Club2002-02-16 OAA 1 4Suzanne PecciTom Gross
Golden Empire Brittany Club2001-10-06 OAA 1 5Craig LewisTom Gross
Northern California Brittany Club2001-09-29 AAA 3 8Michael JessenRobert Wire
Idaho Brittany Club2001-03-31 OAA 3 13Kirk BatyJeff Hull
Central California Brittany Club2001-03-03 OAA 1 17Steve CosgraveChuck Sherer
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2000-10-14 OAA 3 21Raymond NelsonGene Drake
Oregon Brittany Club2000-03-25 AAA 4 13Norman ClowJoe Axtell
GWP Club of Northern California1999-12-04 OAA 3 8Jack DraperMichael Jessen
Idaho Brittany Club1999-10-02 AAA 2 8Frank BrightJune McConnell
Northern California Brittany Club1999-08-28 OAA 1 11David GouldShane Pinkard
Sierra View Brittany Club1999-02-12 OD 1 7Dennis HallPaul Pishos


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