FC AFC Sonoita Strait Shootin Samm

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FC AFC Sonoita Strait Shootin Samm

AKC Number SN44523401
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) W Rowekamp
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Southern Arizona GSP Club2005-02-12 ALGD 1 4Terry ChandlerDon Gyde
Southern Arizona GSP Club2005-02-12 OLGD 3 8Norman AhlBill Root
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2005-01-12 AGD 3 20John CrossJoseph Gundy
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2004-08-11 AGD 1 16Vicki NorthingtonJohn Cross
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2004-01-31 AGD 2 13Patrick HarringtonJeff Hoskins
Desert GSP Club2004-01-16 AGD 3 25Frank VicariTerry Zygalinski
El Paso Del Norte GSP Club2003-12-06 ALGD 1 8Vicki NorthingtonGail Tunberg
GSP Club of Las Cruces2003-11-07 AGD 2 4Michael McGahBill Root
GSP Club of Las Cruces2003-11-07 ALGD 1 5Michael McGahWilliam Pearce
Desert GSP Club2003-08-29 AGD 3 33Chad BaumGrant Stanfill
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2003-08-16 AGD 2 10Hank HartnekDave Hayes
Southern Arizona GSP Club2003-01-25 AGD 3 22Steve ShortTim Schillereff
Desert GSP Club2003-01-17 ALGD 1 15Vicki NorthingtonMike Martin
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2002-11-15 ALGD 1 8Gene WullkotteRobert Deitering
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2002-11-15 OLGD 4 20Rosemary CarlsonSteve Reynolds
GSP Club of Riverside County2002-11-08 OGD 4 27Jim MoreauBill Landress
Sunflower GSP Club2002-10-11 OGD 3 25Bob ErbeMike Martin
GSP Club of Colorado2002-10-04 ALGD 4 12Ken ChenowethKevin B Waide
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2002-09-20 AGD 1 19Steve BaileyKevin Stonehouse
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2002-09-20 OLGD 3 16Jerry HoganJohn Ray
Colorado Pointer Club2002-09-14 OGD 2 16Pam SelmanJeff Hoskins
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2002-06-01 ALGD 2 10John CrossDick Wilber
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2002-06-01 OLGD 1 8Patrick HarringtonJohn Cross
GSP Club of Utah2002-04-13 OLGD 3 10Jesse SmithDaniel Taylor
Desert GSP Club2002-04-06 AGD 1 16Peterson RicJim Moreau
Desert GSP Club2002-04-06 OGD 1 14Peterson RicJim Moreau
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2002-02-22 ALGD 2 8Vicki NorthingtonWilliam Pearce
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2002-02-02 AGD 3 13Tony CombsWilliam Pearce
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2002-02-02 OGD 2 16Tony CombsMike Martin
Southern Arizona GSP Club2002-01-26 AGD 4 26Kevin B WaideBen Hill
Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque2001-11-09 OLGD 4 13Randy McKnightVicki Northington
Sunflower GSP Club2001-10-12 OLGD 4 20Jeff SeymourMike Martin
Southern Arizona GSP Club2001-01-27 AGD 2 23Charlie BlackbournDennis Hart
Southern Arizona GSP Club2000-03-04 AGD 3 13Skip McMichaelsLee Holsinger
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2000-02-05 AGD 1 12Tom HamulakJeff Hoskins
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2000-02-05 OGD 1 23Mike McMullanPatrick Harrington
GSP Club of Colorado1999-10-09 AGD 4 10Ed BrownRuth Blank
Southern Arizona GSP Club1999-08-26 AGD 2 33Joe KirbyBrad Dudgeon
Southern Arizona GSP Club1999-08-26 OGD 4 41Ray CalkinsJim Moreau
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club1999-08-14 AGD 3 25Robert OsbornR Miller
GSP Club of Colorado1999-04-17 OD 1 9Clayton CummingsJeff Hoskins
Desert GSP Club1999-01-23 AGD 1 18John CrossArnulfo Tovar


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