FC AFC Gabriele Von Struebing

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FC AFC Gabriele Von Struebing

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN44894301
Owner(s) L Struebing


Western Irish Setter Club2004-10-02 OLGD 3 14Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
GSP Club of Wisconsin2004-05-01 ALGD 3 9Tim WaydMike Kindler
GSP Club of Wisconsin2004-05-01 OLGD 2 8Tim WaydMike Kindler
Four Lakes GSP Club2003-05-09 AGD 1 18Ray DohseStan Noble
Lansing GSP Club2003-05-03 AGD 2 25Richard BarberJoseph Vicari
GSP Club of Wisconsin2002-05-04 AGD 2 16Charlie MillerMark Oakley
Gateway GSP Club2000-10-27 AGD 4 23Edward GravesRay Trimble
Rock River Valley GSP Club2000-10-06 OLGD 1 17Stephen SaltEdward Viola
Quad-City GSP Club2000-05-27 OGD 4 21Jeff PaineDennis Hart
Quad-City GSP Club2000-05-27 OLGD 3 19Jeff PaineDennis Hart
GSP Club of Wisconsin2000-05-06 OGD 1 12Allan AndersonGary Pihlstrom
Rock River Valley GSP Club2000-03-10 OLGD 2 28Perry WilliamsonBill Bussey
Rock River Valley GSP Club1999-10-08 AGD 2 21Joseph MarcinowskiRick Riggs
Rock River Valley GSP Club1999-10-08 OLGD 4 13Jerry PaddockJoseph Marcinowski
GSP Club Of Eastern Iowa1999-09-17 AGD 1 32Rhonda HaukoosDennis Hart
Four Lakes GSP Club1999-04-09 OD 2 20Scott StasiewiczDavid Hill