DC AFC Rusty Ridge Arctic Trooper

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DC AFC Rusty Ridge Arctic Trooper

AKC Number SN45741801
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) J Kilpatrick/C Kilpatrick
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Texas Coastal Brittany Club2007-02-02 AAA 2 8Wesley FeltBonnie Porter
Vizsla Club of Southern California2007-01-11 ALGD 2 20Greg KnightSteve Cosgrave
Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet)2006-11-15 AGD 3 19Thomas GravesTom Longfellow
West Texas Brittany Club2006-10-21 AAA 4 20Conrad PlevnicE J Hall
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2005-02-04 OGD 1 13Robert ErlansonTom Milam
Fort Worth Brittany Club2005-01-28 OGD 1 9Terry TuleyMary Karbiner
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2004-11-05 OGD 2 8Kim OchoaTom Milam
Fort Worth Brittany Club2004-10-15 OGD 2 13Terry TuleyMary Karbiner
West Texas Brittany Club2004-10-08 OGD 3 15Thomas NegreteBlake Biggs
Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club2004-10-01 OGD 4 18Robert ErlansonTerry Tuley
Sunland Brittany Club2004-03-26 OGD 2 13Mike EnglishJohn Cross
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2003-11-07 OAA 3 20Tom MilamDick Wilber
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2003-11-07 OLAA 1 20Tom MilamLarry Cox
West Texas Brittany Club2003-10-10 AAA 2 14James WortmanJaneen Schneider
Oregon Brittany Club2003-03-22 AAA 1 14Frank BrightRichard Matzke
Golden Empire Brittany Club2003-02-15 AGD 3 25Mark BoydSteve Cosgrave
Golden Empire Brittany Club2003-02-15 OGD 3 24Mark BoydKarla Weber
California Brittany Club2003-01-29 OGD 4 22Greg KnightRussell Boyd
California Brittany Club2003-01-29 OLGD 2 18Ellis HerzBruce Hale
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2003-01-11 OGD 4 21Darryl BishopHank Hartnek
Sahuaro Brittany Club2003-01-03 AAA 3 21Arnulfo TovarBill Landress
Idaho Brittany Club2002-09-28 AGD 1 23Ronald DunaganRichard Dodge
Idaho Brittany Club2002-09-28 OGD 1 25Allean AshtonRonald Dunagan
Inland Empire Brittany Club2002-09-21 OGD 4 17Robert LopezEd Sitar
Oregon Brittany Club2002-08-31 OLGD 4 10William VyeAllean Ashton
GSP Club of Idaho2002-04-27 OLGD 3 9Emmett BurnsRichard Dodge
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2002-04-13 AGD 1 22Clem LittleCharles Lundy
Whid Isle Brittany Club2002-03-21 OGD 2 27Gordon TheilenWilley Richmond
Central California Brittany Club2002-03-02 OGD 3 15Jim AbsmeierNorman Nelson
GWP Club of Southern California2002-02-16 OGD 2 31Edward MayhewBill Landress
Sierra View Brittany Club2002-02-09 OGD 4 25Jan GreenoughKent Greenough
Sierra View Brittany Club2002-02-09 AGD 3 21Steve CosgraveRon Pray
California Brittany Club2002-02-02 OGD 4 19Bob BurchettCharles Lundy
California Brittany Club2001-11-03 AGD 3 15David BillsJerry Rosenberg
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2001-04-14 AGD 1 11Cindy SmullenSagran V
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2001-04-14 OGD 3 21Cindy SmullenSagran V
Golden Empire Brittany Club2001-02-17 AGD 2 26Charles LundyRich Strumpf
Northern California Brittany Club2000-10-12 OGD 1 21Sagran VRich Strumpf
Golden Empire Brittany Club2000-10-07 AGD 4 20Allean AshtonHorace Dimaggio
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2000-09-23 OGD 1 19F W WorrellGeorge Musser


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