FC AFC Hadlock's Leading Lady

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FC AFC Hadlock's Leading Lady

AKC Number SN50819105
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) L Hadlock
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Lansing GSP Club2007-05-04 OLGD 4 37John PotterMike Cook
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2006-12-29 OLGD 3 34Jerry PaddockDon Bonnice
GSP Club of America2006-10-16 OGD 4 74Dan LongRobert Lopez
Lansing GSP Club2006-10-14 OLGD 1 22Ronald ShcultzClifford Mesnard II
Western Irish Setter Club2006-10-07 OLGD 4 18Mark JohnsonEdward Pogson
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2006-04-14 OLGD 1 24John JelkeMark Oakley
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2005-12-29 OLGD 1 19Jerry PaddockGino Dicanio
Lansing GSP Club2005-10-15 OLGD 3 16John PotterKevin Byrne
Rock River Valley GSP Club2005-10-01 OLGD 3 15Harry OldhamBill Bussey
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2005-09-24 OLGD 2 18Mark JohnsonCharlie Miller
GSP Club of Michigan2005-05-14 OLGD 3 23James BakerClifford Mesnard II
Quad-City GSP Club2005-04-30 OLGD 1 12Larry LoftinSusan Januschka
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2005-04-08 OLGD 2 14Vince FeltnerJulie Harter
Nebraska Vizsla Club2004-09-25 OLGD 1 14Robert KoserJerry Dutemple
Lansing GSP Club2004-05-01 OLGD 2 22Joel DavidsonTom Oswald
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2004-04-09 ALGD 1 21Perry WilliamsonJohn Small
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2004-04-09 OLGD 2 28Perry WilliamsonJohn Small
Gateway GSP Club2003-10-31 OLGD 2 23Pennie WillisEugene Salmons
GSP Club of Michigan2003-05-10 AGD 3 15Marc McKinleyGary Jagoda
GSP Club of Michigan2003-05-10 OLGD 1 13John GolobRonald Shcultz
Lansing GSP Club2003-05-03 AGD 1 25Richard BarberJoseph Vicari
Quad-City GSP Club2003-04-26 OLGD 2 19Thomas SmithJeff Bland
GSP Club of America2003-01-28 ALGD 2 19Mike DowdRay Marshall
GSP Club of Atlanta2003-01-10 AGD 3 18M BrentBob Strickland
GSP Club of Atlanta2003-01-10 OLGD 3 18Sean SwearingenLuke Weaver
Fort Detroit GWP Club2002-11-09 ALGD 1 11Mike BraddockJohn Schoonover
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2002-09-09 OLGD 2 27Hank RozanekLee Allison
GSP Club of Michigan2002-05-11 OLGD 3 14Perry WilliamsonJim Hardin
GSP Club of Michigan2002-05-11 ALGD 3 12Perry WilliamsonDavid Szost
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2002-04-12 AGD 2 37David SzostRobert Creaney
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2002-02-15 AGD 3 14Jean WebbRobert Webb
Nebraska Vizsla Club2001-09-29 OGD 1 18Joe FingerlinEdsel Grove
GSP Club Of Eastern Iowa2001-04-21 AGD 3 20Howard BurbachJohn Small
Rock River Valley GSP Club2001-03-09 OGD 2 23Cecil MillsRobert Creaney
GSP Club of America2001-01-30 ALGD 2 25Bill Stewart SRRichard Barber
Rock River Valley GSP Club2000-10-06 OGD 1 23Tom JagielskiRonald Shcultz
Nutmeg GSP Club1999-11-12 OD 2 19Tom MercierMitchell Swierczynski
Fort Dearborn GSP Club1999-03-19 OP 3 22Doreen FernandezGuy Rezzardi
Rock River Valley GSP Club1999-03-13 OP 1 6John HottRobert Creaney
Rock River Valley GSP Club1999-03-13 OD 4 8Bonnie Evans HidalgoKen Ruff
GSP Club of America1999-01-19 OD 4 22M BrentF Harshaw
GSP Club of Atlanta1999-01-15 OP 4 11M BrentJohn Leavitt


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