FC AFC Quietly Making Noise

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FC AFC Quietly Making Noise

AKC Number SN51112601
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) A Luther
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Central Florida GSP Club2008-12-19 AGD 2 10Mike MartinWilliam Bhame
Central Florida GSP Club2007-12-14 ALGD 3 16Bob WilsonWilliam Van De Weerd
Central Florida GSP Club2007-12-14 OLGD 4 22Bob WilsonMike Martin
North Florida GSP Club2007-11-10 OLGD 1 9Scott BeyerBrian Maloney
Sunflower GSP Club2007-10-12 ALGD 2 19Terry GowinWill Barbee
North Florida GSP Club2007-02-09 ALGD 4 13Katrin TazzaGino Dicanio
North Florida GSP Club2007-02-09 OLGD 3 8M BrentDavid Walker
Central Florida GSP Club2007-01-26 ALGD 1 8Judy HamiltonDon Wood
North Florida GSP Club2007-01-20 OLGD 2 9Gary SeybertDon Bonnice
Central Florida GSP Club2006-12-15 OGD 2 8Bob WilsonGino Dicanio
Central Florida GSP Club2006-12-15 OLGD 1 13Bob WilsonDon Bonnice
North Florida GSP Club2006-11-10 ALGD 2 10A J JacksonGino Dicanio
North Florida GSP Club2006-11-10 OLGD 4 17A J JacksonDon Bonnice
Central Florida GSP Club2006-11-04 ALGD 3 10Bill HollowayLisa Durham
Mid Florida Brittany Club2006-10-21 OLGD 2 4Hiriam StanfillGary Seybert
GSP Club of Ohio2006-04-15 ALGD 1 8William Van De WeerdBill Monk
GSP Club of Ohio2006-04-15 OLGD 1 15Clifford Mesnard IIBill Monk
North Florida GSP Club2006-02-10 ALGD 4 12Lew RhodenL Holbrook
North Florida GSP Club2006-02-10 OGD 4 15Gino DicanioL Holbrook
North Florida GSP Club2006-02-10 OLGD 3 15Gino DicanioMichael Endersbee
Central Florida GSP Club2005-12-16 OLGD 1 16Albert AllenDon Bonnice
North Florida GSP Club2005-11-12 OLGD 2 12Hiriam StanfillDon Bonnice
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2005-03-25 OLGD 3 16M BrentDavid Walker
Central Florida GSP Club2005-01-28 ALGD 2 12David KingSara King
Central Florida GSP Club2004-12-03 OLGD 1 13Gino DicanioRon Lambert
Central Florida GSP Club2004-12-03 ALGD 2 13Gino DicanioRon Lambert
GSP Club of North Florida2004-11-05 OLGD 1 8Charles SchultheisDenise Abbey
Central Florida GSP Club2004-10-30 ALGD 3 8Hiriam StanfillJudy Hamilton
GSP Club of Nebraska2004-05-14 ALGD 1 21Richard BrewingtonBecky Brewington
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2004-03-26 AGD 1 18Pamela FullfordRoderick Gonzalez
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2004-03-26 ALGD 1 13Pamela FullfordRoderick Gonzalez
GSP Club of North Florida2004-02-06 OAA 3 12Joel DavidsonDenise Abbey
Central Florida GSP Club2004-01-23 AGD 2 22David KingRandy Homan
GSP Club of North Florida2004-01-17 OGD 1 10Leonard HuttoRichard Kern
GSP Club of North Florida2004-01-17 OLGD 2 8Hiriam StanfillRichard Kern
Central Florida GSP Club2003-12-12 ALGD 1 6Carl ChecklickJ.B. Stephens
GSP Club of North Florida2003-11-07 ALGD 3 13Scott SnyderMike Martin
Mid Florida Brittany Club2003-10-18 OAA 2 4Jessie RuelaJoe Ruela
Mid Florida Brittany Club2003-10-18 OGD 1 13Charles SchultheisAlbert Allen
GSP Club of North Florida2003-02-07 OAA 1 7Joann CulpepperClifford Schnepf
Central Florida GSP Club2003-01-24 OAA 3 6Carl ChecklickTodd Hardgrove
Central Florida GSP Club2003-01-24 OLGD 4 17Carl ChecklickBob Erbe
Central Florida GSP Club2002-12-06 AGD 1 24John EckerRichard Kern
Central Florida GSP Club2002-12-06 ALGD 1 13John EckerRichard Kern
Central Florida GSP Club2002-12-06 OGD 1 8Lynn BorlandClifford Schnepf
GSP Club of North Florida2002-11-08 OLGD 1 14Leonard HuttoJohn Bidou
Mid Florida Brittany Club2002-10-19 AGD 1 5Leonard HuttoJohn Bidou
GSP Club of Nebraska2002-09-20 AGD 2 33Larry LoftinJames Messer
Mid Florida Brittany Club2002-04-13 AGD 1 11Rebecca JacobsTodd Hardgrove
Mid Florida Brittany Club2002-04-13 OLGD 1 7Albert AllenKerry T Knouff
GSP Club of North Florida2002-02-08 AGD 3 18Leonard HuttoBob Erbe
Central Florida GSP Club2002-01-25 OGD 3 22Rebecca JacobsRobert Ellis
GSP Club of North Florida2002-01-19 OGD 4 18Jessie RuelaJoe Ruela
Central Florida GSP Club2001-12-07 AGD 4 16Hiriam StanfillTodd Hardgrove
Central Florida GSP Club2001-12-07 OLGD 1 18Bob ErbeA J Jackson
GSP Club of South Georgia1999-02-26 OD 3 15Brad WilsonCharlie Truluck
Central Florida GSP Club1999-01-29 OD 2 12G H Culpepper JRRobert Ellis


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