Hideaway's Gentleman Jack

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Hideaway's Gentleman Jack

AKC Number SR48057906
Breed English Setter
Owner(s) B Garcia/A Garcia
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Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2013-09-20 OGD 1 31Gary FrommeRobbie Roy Myers
Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club2013-05-18 OGD 2 15Eric CookMark Keegan
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2013-05-11 OGD 3 18Duane KirkleyMike Lager
GSP Club of Colorado2013-05-03 OAA 4 11Timothy HidalgoMary Hidalgo
Colorado Pointer Club2013-04-27 OAA 4 13Alan DavisonKevin B Waide
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2012-10-27 OAA 2 10Sabrina CorlissJohn Moreland
GSP Club of Colorado2012-10-05 OAA 3 23Jack BrownDean R Crabbs
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2012-09-21 OGD 2 28Keith BryantMark Keegan
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2012-09-21 OAA 1 13John CrossMark Keegan
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2012-04-06 OLGD 4 20Charles KelleyDuane Kirkley
Bama Brittany Club2012-02-01 OGD 2 24Larry HilliardLisa Pollock
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2011-10-01 OGD 3 22Lyle ChristiansenNorman Ahl
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2011-09-23 OLGD 4 20Mike LagerRobbie Roy Myers
Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club2011-04-30 OGD 4 28Joan HeimbachMark Keegan
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2009-10-24 OD 2 8Greg ButlerAndrea Christensen
Mile-High Weimaraner Club2009-09-26 OD 1 8Jack BrownMark Keegan
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2009-09-19 OD 2 9Alan DavisonMary Devos
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2009-05-09 AWD 3 8Don GiniMark Keegan
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2009-05-09 OD 3 11Don GiniMark Keegan
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2009-03-13 OP 4 8David HellerDuane Kirkley
Sunland Brittany Club2009-01-15 AWP 1 10Lyle ChristiansenGail Tunberg
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2008-10-25 OP 2 5John J HainesAndrea Christensen
Central New Mexico Brittany Club2008-10-04 OP 1 9Sue D'ArcyChad Conner
Colorado Pointer Club2008-09-13 OP 4 4Matthew ClykerAndrea Christensen


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