FC AFC J.W.'s Diz Is It

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FC AFC J.W.'s Diz Is It

AKC Number SN54248215
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) J Wilbanks
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Illinois Brittany Club2005-05-07 AGD 2 24Donna JanulisRon Gulembo
Illinois Brittany Club2005-05-07 OGD 3 25Anthony VescosoRobert Buchholz
Badger Brittany Club2005-04-16 OGD 4 18Stan WilliamsonHarold Heather
Michigan Brittany Club2005-04-08 AGD 1 27Greg SackettBill Haynes
Western Michigan Brittany Club, Inc.2005-04-01 AGD 1 26Kent MerrymanWade Haines
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2005-03-18 OGD 4 25Joseph OppeRob Richter
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2005-03-05 AGD 1 18Kevin RemmersWayne Adams
La Salle Brittany Club2005-01-29 AGD 2 30Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
La Salle Brittany Club2005-01-29 OGD 3 33Sean MorganPaul Katzel
Michigan Brittany Club2004-12-05 AGD 1 26Gil HopperKevin Remmers
Hoosier Brittany Club2004-10-23 AGD 2 24Ed JanulisDennis Sullivan
La Salle Brittany Club2004-10-15 AGD 4 30Ed JanulisCharles Spinelli
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2004-10-09 AGD 2 23Sam ThompsonRobert Creaney
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2004-09-25 OGD 3 26Hugh Ponder Jr.Kent Merryman
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2004-09-11 AGD 1 27William McGaryMichael Poehler
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2004-05-13 AGD 3 20Jean WebbCheryl Orange
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2004-05-13 OGD 1 18Charles LangstaffWilliam Branham
Illinois Brittany Club2004-05-01 AGD 1 31Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
Illinois Brittany Club2004-05-01 OGD 3 25Anthony VescosoRobert Buchholz
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2004-04-10 AGD 1 21Sean MorganCharles Spinelli
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2004-04-10 OGD 2 25Stan WilliamsonRhett Burris
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2004-03-19 OGD 2 43Wayne WarnersLarry Bates
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2004-03-19 OLGD 3 19Wayne WarnersWayne Adams
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2004-03-06 ALGD 1 8Sam ThompsonJohn Hancock
La Salle Brittany Club2004-01-31 AGD 4 29Ed ManifoldKen Mewbourn
La Salle Brittany Club2004-01-31 OGD 2 29Jeff EngelsmanMichael Mikoff JR
Michigan Brittany Club2003-12-07 OGD 1 18Harold DargaPaul Renius
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2003-12-06 AGD 4 19Charles SchaeferKevin Remmers
Hoosier Brittany Club2003-10-25 AGD 1 22Brian HendricksonFrank Colyer
La Salle Brittany Club2003-10-17 AGD 2 22Jerry McGeeMichael Mikoff JR
La Salle Brittany Club2003-10-17 OLGD 1 11Tony OrdonezRobert Gibson
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2003-10-12 OGD 3 17Charles SpinelliHarold Heather
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2003-10-12 AGD 2 24Jeff HoffHarold Heather
Michigan Brittany Club2003-09-20 OGD 2 20Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2003-09-12 AGD 1 24Brian HendricksonBill Haynes
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2003-05-15 AGD 2 26Scott KinneWilliam Wendt
Illinois Brittany Club2003-05-03 OGD 3 24Jerry McGeeAnthony Vescoso
Badger Brittany Club2003-04-18 AGD 1 14Wayne ElzJeff Hoff
Badger Brittany Club2003-04-18 OGD 1 16Cindy McCannStanley Zdanczewicz
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2003-04-11 OGD 1 26Ed JanulisCharlie Blackbourn
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2003-03-21 AGD 2 19Carl SaundersDennis Sullivan
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2003-03-21 OGD 4 34Joseph OppeHarold Heather
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2003-03-08 AGD 1 19John WencleyJohn Hancock
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2003-03-08 ALGD 1 13Aldo Marchetti JREd Manifold
Illinois Brittany Club2003-02-21 OGD 4 18Wade HainesAnthony Vescoso
La Salle Brittany Club2003-02-01 OLGD 2 14Charles DosenbachKenneth Crago
Michigan Brittany Club2002-12-08 AGD 3 15Gil HopperWilliam Branham
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2002-12-06 AGD 4 23Paul ReniusKevin Remmers
Hoosier Brittany Club2002-10-26 AGD 1 18Kathy GulemboRon Gulembo
Hoosier Brittany Club2002-10-26 OGD 1 20Phyllis KatzelPaul Katzel
La Salle Brittany Club2002-10-18 OGD 3 31Don StaszewskiAl Vanwieren
Illinois Brittany Club2002-10-09 AGD 2 12R DudenbostelDavid Kenney
Illinois Brittany Club2002-10-09 OGD 1 23Alan WyattJoseph Kim Marlatt
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2002-09-28 AGD 4 20Eugene SalmonsMark Johnson
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2002-09-28 OGD 2 22Dennis SullivanMark Johnson
Michigan Brittany Club2002-09-21 OGD 2 17Tom HalpinJim Johnson
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2002-09-13 AGD 3 21Rob RichterAnthony Vescoso
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2002-05-16 AGD 1 21James ChaseKen Fales
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2002-05-16 OGD 2 15Harold DargaJohn Marinelli
Illinois Brittany Club2002-05-04 AGD 1 20Tom JagielskiDonna Janulis
Badger Brittany Club2002-04-20 AGD 2 11Sam ThompsonCharles Spinelli
Badger Brittany Club2002-04-20 OGD 2 8Robert CreaneyJohn Hancock
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2002-04-12 AGD 2 21James ChasePaul Katzel
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2002-04-12 OGD 4 25Stan WilliamsonDouglas Reisner
La Salle Brittany Club2002-03-29 OLGD 4 21Stan NobleKen Ruff
Western Michigan Brittany Club, Inc.2002-03-29 OGD 2 32John HallWilliam McGary
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2002-03-22 OGD 2 28Michael JessenG T Burroughs
Buckeye Brittany Club2002-03-02 OGD 2 15Gene KnottsRichard Pristov
Illinois Brittany Club2002-02-22 AGD 2 21John HancockMichael Gonski
La Salle Brittany Club2002-02-02 OLGD 4 19Tom JagielskiRobert Gibson
Michigan Brittany Club2001-12-02 AGD 2 22Charles SchaeferRon Auten
Michigan Brittany Club2001-12-02 OGD 1 20Aldo Marchetti JRDennis Sullivan
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2001-11-30 AGD 4 24Aldo Marchetti JRDennis Sullivan
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2001-11-30 OGD 4 19Ed ManifoldKen Mewbourn
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2001-11-30 OLGD 1 12Paul ReniusCharles Schaefer
Hoosier Brittany Club2001-10-27 OGD 1 17Phyllis KatzelPaul Katzel
Illinois Brittany Club2001-10-13 OGD 4 25Judy GravesPaul Katzel
Michigan Brittany Club2001-09-22 AGD 1 23Cheryl OrangeKen Delong
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2001-09-14 AGD 2 23Neveta SalmonsSuzan Lehosky
Western Michigan Brittany Club, Inc.2001-09-01 OGD 4 32Wayne KammerMike Wilshire
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2001-05-18 AGD 3 28Gary JagodaWilliam Wendt
Illinois Brittany Club2001-05-05 OGD 4 20Buck BarleyRay Trimble
Hoosier Brittany Club2001-04-21 AGD 1 20Thomas RobinsRobert Gibson
Hoosier Brittany Club2001-04-21 OGD 1 18Stan WilliamsonJoseph Kim Marlatt
Michigan Brittany Club2001-04-06 AGD 1 24Ralph PawsatMike Wilshire
Michigan Brittany Club2001-04-06 OGD 2 21Ken MewbournRonald Harling SR
La Salle Brittany Club2001-03-30 AGD 3 29Sam ThompsonJeff Engelsman
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2001-03-23 OGD 1 28Don StaszewskiAl Vanwieren
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2001-03-23 OLGD 3 20James BrighamAndrew Lewandowski
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2001-03-17 AGD 3 24Stan WilliamsonJoseph Kim Marlatt
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2001-03-17 OGD 4 22Rodger FioritoGlenn G Poor JR
La Salle Brittany Club2001-02-03 AGD 1 28Tom HalpinRon Gulembo
La Salle Brittany Club2001-02-03 OLGD 3 17Hugh PonderPaul Katzel
Hoosier Brittany Club2000-10-28 OAA 4 24Mark JohnsonPatrick Koczenasz
Michigan Brittany Club2000-09-23 AAA 4 15Tom HalpinCharles Langstaff
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2000-09-16 OAA 4 31Anthony VescosoRon Zook
Southern Illinois Brittany Club2000-02-24 OD 3 10Robert SchneiderV Smith
Hoosier Brittany Club1999-10-30 OD 3 21Richard PristovB Bednar
La Salle Brittany Club1999-10-15 OD 3 19Jerry McGeeRob Richter
Kentucky Brittany Club1999-10-07 OD 2 21Thomas RobinsBarry Miller
Western Irish Setter Club, Inc.1999-10-02 OD 3 8John SchoonoverJim Yates
Michigan Brittany Club1999-09-25 OD 1 13Greg SackettKevin O'Brien
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club1999-09-18 OD 1 10Anthony VescosoBill Haynes
Western Michigan Brittany Club, Inc.1999-09-04 OD 2 23Greg SackettWayne Adams
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club1999-05-22 OP 2 21Jerry McGeeAl Vanwieren
Hoosier Brittany Club1999-04-17 OP 3 10Ed ManifoldDennis Sullivan
Hoosier Brittany Club1999-04-17 OD 1 20Kathy GulemboRon Gulembo
Michigan Brittany Club1999-04-09 OD 1 12Wade HainesRon Zook
Western Michigan Brittany Club, Inc.1999-04-02 OP 4 24Jerry McGeePaul Katzel
Western Michigan Brittany Club, Inc.1999-04-02 OD 3 23Jerry McGeePaul Katzel
La Salle Brittany Club1999-03-26 AWD 3 12Don StaszewskiJames Mills
Southern Illinois Brittany Club1999-02-25 OP 2 20Robert DonahueDavid Capstick
Southern Illinois Brittany Club1999-02-25 OD 3 16Carl SaundersTim Self
Illinois Brittany Club1999-02-20 OP 4 18Anthony VescosoJohn Marinelli
La Salle Brittany Club1999-01-30 OP 1 20Kevin RemmersDennis Sullivan


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