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Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR47078103
Owner(s) M Rekart


Vizsla Club of Northern California2013-03-02 OAA 1 12Robert SmithMark Bunter
Sutter Buttes Pointing Dog Club2012-12-07 OAA 4 5Roy SmithPierre Urrutia
GWP Club of Northern California2012-11-16 OAA 3 11Bryan RicePierre Urrutia
GSP Club of Reno2011-04-29 OAA 1 7Rich StrumpfBryan Rice
Vizsla Club of Northern California2011-03-05 OAA 1 8John CushingLynda Swart
GSP Club of San Diego2011-02-11 OAA 2 13Edward MayhewBruce Hale
GWP Club of Southern California2010-11-12 OAA 2 13James SchultzCasten Pigman
Vizsla Club of Northern California2010-03-06 OAA 4 13Lynda SwartVicky Lachance
GWP Club of Southern California2010-02-26 OAA 3 17John CushingS Reynolds
Vizsla Club of Southern California2010-01-08 OAA 1 15John CushingDon Pool
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2008-12-04 OP 3 13Jim AbsmeierBryan Rice
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2008-12-04 OD 1 13Jim AbsmeierJim Searles
GWP Club of Northern California2008-11-21 OP 1 6Bill TannerRobert Smith
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2008-10-04 OP 4 6Alex McLachlanRoy Smith