NGDC FC Echo's Little Bit Of Clown

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NGDC FC Echo's Little Bit Of Clown

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN54654008
Owner(s) E Moody/T Moody


GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2007-11-29 AGD 1 11Tim SmelcerBill Monk
AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship2007-04-02 NGDC 1 64Steve ShortJack Higgins
Heart of America GSP Club2007-03-30 OLGD 1 27Brad DudgeonMike Martin
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2006-12-29 OLGD 2 34Jerry PaddockDon Bonnice
North Florida GSP Club2006-11-10 OLGD 1 17A J JacksonDon Bonnice
Sunflower GSP Club2006-10-13 OLGD 2 29Taylor SmithRobert Koser
Ringneck GSP Club2006-10-06 AGD 2 13Randy RathmanTimothy Heiner
Heart of America GSP Club2006-09-29 OLGD 3 29Greg NicholsonClint Wilber
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2006-04-28 OLGD 1 33Chuck PariettiLarry Loftin
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2006-04-28 ALGD 3 18Howard BurbachLarry Voecks
AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship2006-03-27 NGDC 1 39Ed HartDan Hoke
GSP Club of America2006-02-01 OLGD 2 11Tom OswaldDave Clark
Central Florida GSP Club2006-01-27 ALGD 4 10Judy HamiltonTerry Cabral
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2005-12-29 OLGD 4 19Jerry PaddockGino Dicanio
Central Florida GSP Club2005-12-16 ALGD 2 9Bob WilsonGino Dicanio
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2005-12-02 OLGD 3 20Jane PiroloKen Jordan
GSP Club of Nebraska2005-09-23 AAA 2 14Larry LoftinG F Henry
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2005-09-16 OLGD 1 22Tony McgraneJohn Houck
GSP Club Of Lincoln2005-09-03 OLGD 3 25Stephen HetmanekKevin Stonehouse
GSP Club of South Georgia2005-02-18 OLGD 2 23Brad WilsonDavid Walker
GSP Club of Atlanta2005-01-07 AGD 3 23Jane PiroloDave Pomfret
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2004-12-29 OLGD 3 25Hiriam StanfillRon Lambert
GSP Club of South Georgia2004-12-10 OLGD 1 24Thomas DavisJim Yates
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2004-12-03 OLGD 1 22Gary SadlerKen Jordan
GSP Club of Central Virginia2004-09-25 OLGD 1 13Howard SchultzRay Rinker
Irish Setter Club of Minnesota2004-05-15 OLGD 3 16Dan VossBecky Voss
Ringneck GSP Club2004-05-07 OLGD 1 19Chuck PariettiJohn Carroccio
GSP Club of America2004-01-13 OLGD 1 20Tom DavisJim Yates
GSP Club of Atlanta2004-01-08 OLGD 2 22Sean SwearingenRon Lambert
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2003-12-05 OLGD 1 22K LewisKen Lewis JR
GSP Club of Atlanta2003-11-21 OAA 4 16R D ClarkLuke Weaver
GSP Club of North Florida2003-11-07 OLGD 4 19Scott SnyderMike Martin
Ozark Brittany Club2003-10-17 OAA 3 30James ChaseAlbert Mueller
Irish Setter Club of Ohio, Inc.2003-09-20 OLGD 2 37Dan TenagliaThomas Davis
Twin Cities GWP Club2003-05-16 OAA 2 9Lori RezzardiTodd Manns
Twin Cities GWP Club2003-05-16 OLGD 1 27Bruce MuellerSue Mueller
Four Lakes GSP Club2003-05-09 OAA 1 7Stan NobleThomas Smith
Twin Cities Vizsla Club, Inc.2003-04-18 OLGD 1 12Dave BensonDean Nelson
Irish Setter Club of Minnesota2003-04-12 OLGD 1 14Scott JordanCarl Robeson
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2003-04-05 OLGD 3 15Rob RichterLeon Sienkowski JR
GSP Club of South Georgia2003-02-21 OLGD 2 22Chris GoeganJim Wallace
GSP Club of North Florida2003-02-07 OGD 1 18Judy HamiltonAl Luther
GSP Club of North Florida2003-02-07 OAA 3 7Joann CulpepperClifford Schnepf
GSP Club of America2003-01-28 OLGD 1 19Dave ClarkRoy Karr
Central Florida GSP Club2003-01-24 OAA 1 6Carl ChecklickTodd Hardgrove
Central Florida GSP Club2002-12-06 OGD 2 8Lynn BorlandClifford Schnepf
GSP Club of Atlanta2002-11-29 OLGD 1 8Tom OswaldGary Sadler
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2002-11-22 OLGD 2 10Kerry T KnouffRoy Karr
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2002-09-09 OLGD 1 27Hank RozanekLee Allison
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2002-09-06 OLGD 2 29Joe FingerlinDavid Bartlett
GSP Club Of Lincoln2002-08-31 OLGD 1 30Terry HawkinsMike Zimbelman
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2002-05-04 OLGD 1 13Gary PihlstromEd Liermann
Western Irish Setter Club, Inc.2002-04-27 OLGD 3 20Stephen SaltDave Hayes
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2002-04-06 OLGD 1 19Robert PowellJohn Carroccio
GSP Club of South Georgia2002-02-22 OLGD 4 16Bill EllisGreg Leger
GSP Club of America2002-01-15 ALGD 4 30Howard BurbachDonald Lloyd
GSP Club of America2002-01-15 OLGD 2 32Lynn BorlandNiki Bouland
GSP Club of Atlanta2002-01-11 OLGD 4 16Tom OswaldBob Erbe
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2001-11-23 OLGD 1 18Bob ErbeKerry T Knouff
Irish Setter Club of Minnesota2001-10-06 OLGD 3 12William WebbMark Johnson
Irish Setter Club of Ohio, Inc.2001-09-22 OLGD 3 32Kevin CulverRichard Pristov
Four Lakes GSP Club2001-09-08 OGD 1 27Joseph VicariRick Riggs
AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship2001-04-23 NGDC 2 67Ray TrimbleMel Lee
GSP Club of Atlanta2000-12-01 OLGD 2 18M BrentCharlie Truluck
GSP Club of North Florida2000-02-11 OGD 2 25Bob ErbeJohn Bidou
Irish Setter Club of San Antonio, Inc.2000-01-14 OD 1 16Tom HudsonJ C Woodall
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.1999-12-31 OAA 1 13Todd HardgroveBob Erbe
GSP Club of North Florida1999-11-12 OLGD 2 18Scott KrauseCharlie Truluck
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.1999-05-01 OP 1 11Joe PorwollG Nehring
Western Irish Setter Club, Inc.1999-04-24 OP 1 10Bonnie Evans HidalgoJerry McGee
Irish Setter Club of Minnesota1999-04-17 OP 1 14Todd MannsStephen Salt
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville1999-04-09 OP 1 11Earl FowlsBrad Wilson
Mid Florida Brittany Club1999-04-03 AWP 1 5Joe RuelaTodd Hardgrove
Mid Florida Brittany Club1999-04-03 OP 1 5Joe RuelaTodd Hardgrove
GSP Club of Atlanta1999-03-20 OP 3 10Sean SwearingenM Warrak
Kentucky Brittany Club1999-02-27 OP 1 17David MedfordJohn Ingram
Mid Florida Brittany Club1999-02-05 AWP 1 10Carl ChecklickR Byrd
Mid Florida Brittany Club1999-02-05 OP 1 9Jessie RuelaCarl Checklick
Central Florida GSP Club1999-01-29 OP 1 9Lew RhodenMel Roy
Alamo Brittany Club1999-01-23 OP 3 12Richard CastillonBud Higgenbottom
Irish Setter Club of San Antonio, Inc.1999-01-16 OP 4 12Bonnie Evans HidalgoJ Bodden