AFC I M A Birdfindin'babe

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AFC I M A Birdfindin'babe

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SN58783905
Owner(s) C Lewis


Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2006-11-04 ALGD 1 8John CushingBryan Rice
Whid Isle Brittany Club2006-04-15 OGD 4 20Kelley HansenRobert Showalter
California Brittany Club2006-01-21 OGD 2 18Ellis HerzLouis D'Alessandro
GWP Club of Southern California2005-11-19 OLGD 2 26Leslie VargasRuss Settell
California Brittany Club2005-11-05 OGD 4 10Nicole HanzelRoy Terry
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2005-10-21 ALGD 1 9Louis D'AlessandroRoss Nott
GSP Club of Southern California2005-02-19 AGD 3 8Leroy MerrellBryan Rice
High Desert Brittany2005-01-26 OGD 4 29Genaro VargasLeslie Vargas
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2005-01-22 AGD 1 13Pennie PetersonEdward Mayhew
High Desert Brittany2004-11-06 AGD 3 13Michelle E ShererHelen Rogers-Riggle
Southland Weimaraner Club2004-10-16 ALGD 1 5John CushingJohn Vincze
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2004-10-09 ALGD 1 5John CushingLouis D'Alessandro
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2004-10-09 OLGD 3 9John CushingLouis D'Alessandro
Sierra View Brittany Club2004-02-07 AGD 1 8Steve CosgraveHarry Beck
High Desert Brittany2004-01-30 AGD 3 8Clem LittleMarilynne Little
Vizsla Club of Southern California2004-01-09 AGD 4 30Liz Dixon-BarretRoy Smith
High Desert Brittany2003-11-08 AGD 3 11Lyle ChristiansenGreg Knight
Sierra View Brittany Club2003-02-08 AGD 2 13Harry BeckSteve Perryman
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2003-01-25 ALGD 3 4John CushingRussell Boyd
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2003-01-18 AGD 2 14Pennie PetersonCindy Leffingwell
Vizsla Club of Southern California2003-01-11 AGD 2 22Steve CosgraveDon Pool
San Joaquin GSP Club2002-12-06 AGD 4 15John CushingJack Draper
San Joaquin GSP Club2002-12-06 OGD 4 32Don PoolNicole Hanzel
High Desert Brittany2002-11-09 AGD 3 10Lyle ChristiansenGordon Hansen
Southland Weimaraner Club2002-10-05 ALGD 2 8Darlene R AnthonyRussell Boyd
Orange Coast Weimaraner Club2002-09-28 ALGD 4 6Gordon HansenNick Hansen
Vizsla Club of Southern California2002-01-12 AGD 4 25Debi OakleyPhilip Casdorph
Central California Brittany Club2000-03-04 OD 2 14Allean AshtonScott Carstairs
Golden Empire Brittany Club2000-02-19 AWD 3 9Charles LundyBill Landress
High Desert Brittany2000-01-29 OD 4 15Lyle ChristiansenEdward Dixon
GWP Club of Southern California1999-11-27 OP 4 6Robert FortenberryCatherine Black
Golden Empire Brittany Club1999-10-09 AWP 1 6Craig LewisGordon Strohmeier
Golden Empire Brittany Club1999-10-09 OP 2 10Craig LewisGordon Strohmeier
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club1999-09-11 AWD 2 17Kent GreenoughRich Strumpf