FC Boat Yard Katie Sadie

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FC Boat Yard Katie Sadie

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SF705800
Owner(s) A Colabella


Old Dominion Vizsla Club2001-11-02 OLGD 4 8Charles CarrE Kuhns
Diamond State GSP Association2001-10-27 OLGD 1 7Tom MarkeeJohn Chokran
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2000-11-18 OAA 3 10Kenneth HuyserCharles Carr
Diamond State GSP Association2000-05-06 AGD 1 18Thomas DigneyBarbara Foehrkolb
Diamond State GSP Association2000-05-06 ALGD 3 14Tim CernigliaJulia Bonar
Pointer Associates of New England2000-04-22 OLGD 1 13Katrin TazzaFoster Brawn
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2000-04-14 OAA 2 6W AllenWilliam Huff
GSP Club of Central Virginia2000-02-26 OAA 1 4Bruce ConoverMary Allen
Old Dominion Vizsla Club1999-11-05 AGD 1 14Charles CarrGene Dagenhart
Old Dominion Vizsla Club1999-11-05 ALGD 3 13Dean BrowningGene Dagenhart
Old Dominion Vizsla Club1999-11-05 OLGD 2 6Bruce ConoverGerry Garnsey
GSP Club of Central Virginia1999-10-30 OAA 1 7Thomas DigneyGerry Garnsey
Wilderness Pointer Club of Virginia1999-10-23 AGD 1 15Dino CarozzaDorothea Romano
Conestoga Vizsla Club1999-10-02 OLGD 1 12Dean BrowningLawrence Nulty
Old Dominion Vizsla Club1999-04-23 OAA 1 6J HarveyTim Carwile
Old Dominion Vizsla Club1999-04-23 OLGD 1 5J HarveyRobert J Kane
GSP Club of Central Virginia1999-04-17 OAA 3 12Albert AllenWilliam Huff