DC Cheza's Michael Magic Birdog

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DC Cheza's Michael Magic Birdog

AKC Number SN19993612
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) J Drogin/L Drogin
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Paumanauk Gordon Setter Club, Inc.2003-10-18 AGD 3 6Jack SanchezPatricia Sanborn
Paumanauk Gordon Setter Club, Inc.2003-10-18 ALGD 4 5Debra FreidusKen Kohles
Hudson Valley GSP Club2001-10-06 AGD 4 23Patrick CallahanMichael Ernest
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey2001-04-14 OGD 3 10Maureen TaitJoe Luisi
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2001-02-24 ALGD 4 12Kevin ArberFrancis Sakiey
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2000-11-04 AGD 4 14Tom MarkeePaul Snyder
Long Island GSP Club2000-10-14 OGD 1 21Tom MarkeeGeorge Heaney
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2000-09-30 OGD 1 17Paul SnyderJulia Bonar
Pointer Associates of New England2000-09-23 AGD 2 8Thomas GeorgeCalvin Welch
GSP Club of Michigan2000-05-13 OGD 4 28Dan HughesRonald Shcultz
Nutmeg GSP Club2000-04-07 AGD 2 7Patrick CallahanTerry Carty
Nutmeg GSP Club2000-04-07 OLGD 4 8Scott SnyderMike Babinski
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2000-03-24 OLGD 4 12Dean CristmanRobert Amato
Long Island GSP Club2000-03-18 AGD 3 10Tony SmidThomas F Stapleton
GSP Club of Atlanta2000-01-14 OLGD 3 28P MorrisJim Yeager
Old Capitol English Setter of Milledgeville2000-01-07 OGD 3 24Scott KrauseCharlie Truluck
GSP Club of South Georgia1999-12-17 OGD 2 22Louise MinicozziBob Strickland
GSP Club of Atlanta1999-12-03 OGD 2 21Mike DowdDon Crowley
Mason-Dixon GSP Club1999-11-20 OGD 4 9Thomas DigneyCharles Carr
GSP Club of Central Virginia1999-04-17 OLGD 1 15Charles SchultheisAlbert Allen
GSP Club of Atlanta1999-01-15 OGD 2 24Bob ErbeGene Moseley


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