FC AFC Roust About's Frisco Rigg

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FC AFC Roust About's Frisco Rigg

AKC Number SN62222008
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) F Fernandez/M Fernandez
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GSP Club of Oregon2007-03-31 AAA 3 13Heinz AhlmanRoger Borine
GSP Club of California2007-03-17 OAA 3 20Raymond NelsonRonald Marquart
Southern Arizona GSP Club2007-01-25 OAA 1 16Brooks CarmichaelRon Yospur
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2006-11-30 OAA 2 14Bill TannerHarry Beck
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2006-10-07 OAA 1 10Jim AbsmeierJim Searles
Inland Empire GSP Club2006-04-08 OAA 2 6Calvin PalmerPaul Husemann
Oregon GWP Club2005-10-01 AAA 3 11Gary WickwireBrian Lybeck
Oregon GWP Club2005-05-14 AAA 4 12Doug ShinnTom Farwell
Southern Arizona GSP Club2005-01-29 AAA 2 14Tom DavisJim Yates
GSP Club of Central California, Inc.2004-05-07 OLGD 4 13Gene DrakeGreg Anderson
GSP Club of Washington2004-04-17 OAA 2 7Robert LopezEd Sitar
GSP Club of Oregon2003-09-06 AAA 1 9Robert EnloeHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of Oregon2003-09-06 OAA 2 16Steve JonesRobert Burton
Inland Empire GSP Club2003-04-12 AAA 1 14Steve ShortHeinz Ahlman
San Joaquin GSP Club2003-03-07 OAA 3 16Skip McMichaelsBryan Rice
Southern Arizona GSP Club2003-01-25 AAA 3 11Steve ShortTim Schillereff
Desert GSP Club2003-01-17 OAA 2 14Sean HauserTimothy Heiner
San Joaquin GSP Club2002-12-06 OAA 4 20Harry BeckNicole Hanzel
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2002-11-29 AAA 1 12Mark BoydEd Goulart Jr.
Northern California Brittany Club2002-09-21 OLAA 1 14Steve CosgraveRobert Wire
GSP Club of Oregon2002-09-07 AAA 1 14Mike HemphillRonald Marquart
GSP Club of Oregon2002-09-07 OAA 4 14Ronald MarquartTom Farwell
Inland Empire GSP Club2002-04-13 OAA 4 18Steve ShortJerry Paddock
GSP Club of Oregon2002-03-30 AAA 2 12Robert EnloeEd Sitar
Southern Arizona GSP Club2002-01-26 AAA 2 10Scott SkinnerBrian Hill
Cascade Pointer Club2001-04-07 OAA 3 17Doug JohnstonJim House
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2000-12-02 OGD 4 21Gene DrakeMarian Sears
Oregon GWP Club2000-04-08 OD 1 18Victoria JonesD Ljungren
GSP Club of California2000-03-18 OP 1 5Bill TannerDennis Hall
GSP Club of California2000-03-18 OD 3 15Bill TannerDennis Hall
San Joaquin GSP Club2000-03-11 OP 1 7Glen MarsdenRichard Minolli
Vizsla Club of Northern California2000-03-04 OP 2 20Bill HuntleySteve Perryman
Vizsla Club of Northern California2000-03-04 OD 4 19Robert SmithKent Greenough
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2000-02-26 OP 2 10J BodutchRaymond Nelson
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2000-02-05 OP 1 6Robert SmithLou Tonelli
Southern Arizona GSP Club2000-01-29 OD 4 17Wayne RomanskiLynn Coats


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