Vogelsangs Toby Von Blitz

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Vogelsangs Toby Von Blitz

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN64244701
Owner(s) D Vogelsang/J Messer


GSP Club of America2005-10-17 NAFC 1 90Charlie MillerJim Yates
GSP Club of San Antonio2004-12-11 AGD 1 11Thomas NegreteRonald Schaitel
Gulf Coast GSP Club2004-11-06 OGD 4 22Sherrie Balaski-MoseleyTina Carles
Lone Star GSP Club2004-10-29 OLGD 1 15Larry LoftinDick Wilber
Gulf Coast GSP Club2004-02-14 AGD 3 8James Baker 3Thomas Negrete
GSP Club of San Antonio2004-02-06 AGD 2 15Dennis PenningtonGene Moseley
South Plains Pointer Club2003-04-12 OLGD 1 9Ron HudsonGrant Wilson
Lone Star GSP Club2002-11-02 OLGD 4 11Charles ClineCharlie Barbaree
South Plains Pointer Club2002-05-18 OLGD 1 4Raymond WhatleyRon Hudson
Lone Star GSP Club2001-03-24 OD 4 14Susan SealyScott Bodenstab
Lone Star GSP Club2001-02-23 OD 4 10Gregg LamarGerald Easum
Gulf Coast GSP Club2001-01-06 AWD 1 10Susan SealyGrant Stanfill
Gulf Coast GSP Club2001-01-06 OD 2 10Susan SealyCharles Cline
Ozark GSP Club2000-10-06 OD 2 22Randy CoffeltDonald Lloyd
GSP Club Of Lincoln2000-09-02 OD 4 18Tom ManeelyTerry Hawkins
Lone Star GSP Club2000-02-25 AWP 3 6Grant StanfillKevin Temple
Lone Star GSP Club2000-02-25 OP 3 11Don KiddGrant Stanfill
Lone Star GSP Club1999-11-05 AWP 3 7Holly McKnightChad Baum
Lone Star GSP Club1999-11-05 OP 1 8J LarsenScott Bodenstab