FC Gunrunners Whetstone Lady

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FC Gunrunners Whetstone Lady

AKC Number SM81067902
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) N Ahl
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Sahuaro Brittany Club2000-09-16 AAA 1 15Lyle ChristiansenJoseph Gundy
Northern California Brittany Club2000-04-08 AAA 4 11Connie SmithRoy Smith
Sunland Brittany Club2000-01-28 AAA 2 10Mike EnglishSanford Schemnitz
Sunland Brittany Club2000-01-28 OAA 4 13Mike EnglishGeorge Musser
Sahuaro Brittany Club1999-08-07 OAA 2 19L NicholsM Kelley
GWP Club of Southern California1999-03-27 OAA 1 19James RiceBryan Rice
Central California Brittany Club1999-03-06 OAA 4 19Doyal KirbyFrank Fernandez
Golden Empire Brittany Club1999-02-20 OAA 2 25Raymond NelsonVicky Lachance


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