DC AFC Up N'Adam's Florens Louis

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DC AFC Up N'Adam's Florens Louis

AKC Number SN65580802
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) K Tazza
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Pointer Associates of New England2005-06-03 OLGD 1 19Richard MurphyRichard Garini
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2004-11-13 AGD 1 26Tom MarkeeKen Kohles
Pointer Associates of New England2004-10-23 ALGD 4 8Laura K BedfordAllen Welch
Pointer Associates of New England2004-10-23 OLGD 2 16Kevin CulverKeith Madden
Central New England Brittany Club2004-09-18 OAA 4 21Joseph WesslingAllen Welch
Pointer Associates of New England2004-06-04 OLGD 1 27Richard GariniBarbara Johnson
Hudson Valley GSP Club2004-05-22 AGD 1 20Dean BrowningCalvin Welch
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2004-04-23 OGD 2 26Howard ShultzCalvin Welch
Nutmeg GSP Club2004-04-02 AGD 1 14Mitchell SwierczynskiJeff Gray
Nutmeg GSP Club2004-04-02 ALGD 1 13Richard MurphyThomas George
Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club2004-03-13 ALGD 4 20Norris AndersonWilliam Mengert
Hudson Valley GSP Club2003-11-01 AGD 1 15Barbara JohnsonMichael Ernest
Central New England Brittany Club2003-09-20 OLGD 1 20Virginia PrattRalph Pratt JR
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2003-09-06 AGD 3 20Marsha LuisiJoe Luisi
Pointer Associates of New England2003-06-06 OLGD 2 24Richard MurphyRichard Garini
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2003-05-03 AGD 4 15Donna WilshireScott Blair
Hudson Valley GSP Club2003-04-18 OAA 1 14Mitchell SwierczynskiJoe Amatulli
Yankee Weimaraner Club2002-11-16 OGD 1 14Leslie HuntJohn Molle
Nutmeg GSP Club2002-11-08 ALGD 1 11Jeff HolmesJohn Malone
Nutmeg GSP Club2002-11-08 OLGD 1 6Ralph Pratt JRSusan DeSilver
Hudson Valley GSP Club2002-11-02 AGD 2 18Leslie HuntRichard Garini
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2002-10-05 ALGD 3 14Tom MarkeeArt Cohen
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2002-09-28 OGD 1 27Tom MercierMichael Ernest
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2002-08-31 OAA 2 13Mike BabinskiPatricia Carney
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2002-04-13 ALGD 2 19Jean WebbRobert Webb
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2002-04-13 OGD 2 18Ernest Chisena IIIMarianne Goodwin
Nutmeg GSP Club2002-04-05 OLGD 1 18Richard JardinMichael Ernest
Nutmeg GSP Club2002-04-05 OGD 4 21Tom MercierValerie Piper
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2002-03-30 OLGD 3 25John MaloneBill Gorman
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2002-02-23 OGD 4 16Nancy AndersonGreg Nicholson
Hudson Valley GSP Club2001-10-06 OGD 3 19Patrick CallahanWilliam Fogg
Southern New England Brittany Club2000-10-13 OD 4 23Clyde DaubertN Daubert
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2000-09-30 OP 1 7J HealeyBuzz Hancock
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2000-09-30 OD 4 9Ernest Chisena IIIBill Gorman
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2000-05-06 OP 1 10R T PuliceErica Bandes
Pointer Associates of New England2000-04-22 OP 4 13James BlaschkeSandy Gunn
Nutmeg GSP Club2000-04-07 OP 2 8Tom MercierTerry Carty
Southern New England Brittany Club2000-03-25 AWD 2 11Paul PollockEdward Sawicki
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2000-02-26 AWP 4 13Ray McCarthyDebra Zaktansky
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2000-02-26 OP 2 16Andy ValentinoJohn Books


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