FC AFC Texas Tiger Paw

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FC AFC Texas Tiger Paw

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SN05361008
Owner(s) G Barron


Golden Empire Brittany Club2001-10-06 OAA 4 5Craig LewisTom Gross
Northern California Brittany Club2001-09-29 OAA 2 14Michael JessenRobert Wire
Golden Empire Brittany Club2001-02-17 AAA 4 10Charles LundyRich Strumpf
Golden Empire Brittany Club2001-02-17 OAA 1 15Norman SorbyTom Gross
California Brittany Club2001-02-03 AAA 2 16Greg KnightRoy Terry
High Desert Brittany2001-01-27 AGD 3 25Greg KnightDave Hayes
Central California Brittany Club2000-10-21 OGD 2 13Steve SwansonMichael Jessen
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2000-10-14 OGD 2 24Raymond NelsonDoug Steinshouer
Wasatch Front Brittany Club2000-09-04 AGD 2 8Robin SitarHal Christensen
Northern California Brittany Club2000-04-08 AGD 1 16Connie SmithRoy Smith
Northern California Brittany Club2000-04-08 AAA 2 11Connie SmithRoy Smith
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2000-03-18 ALGD 1 9Bill ReeseRay Marshall
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2000-02-12 ALGD 4 24George BrownVince Teofilo
GWP Club of Northern California1999-12-04 OGD 1 14Jack DraperMichael Jessen
Golden Empire Brittany Club1999-10-09 OGD 3 13David GouldD Gates
Golden Empire Brittany Club1999-10-09 OAA 2 13David GouldD Gates
Northern California Brittany Club1999-04-24 AGD 2 16Sagran VGordon Strohmeier
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club1999-03-21 OGD 3 37Joseph OppeGerald Obrecht
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.1999-03-05 OGD 3 27Mike BoydstonCecil Duncan