FC Diesel's Rockin' Casey Jones

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FC Diesel's Rockin' Casey Jones

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN67050301
Owner(s) S Deitering


Vizsla Club of Northern California2010-03-26 AGD 1 14Marilyn MerrellLouis D'Alessandro
GSP Club of California2010-03-19 AGD 2 10Vicky LachanceBill Landress
High Desert Brittany2010-02-28 AGD 1 15Steve CosgraveEdward Mayhew
Northern Arizona GSP Club2010-02-19 AGD 3 8Jean HolzerBlair Holzer
Vizsla Club of Northern California2009-04-04 AGD 3 17Greg AndersonLeif Lendrop
GSP Club of California2009-03-14 OGD 1 20Lou TonelliRonald Marquart
GWP Club of Southern California2009-02-20 AGD 1 15Greg KnightLou Tonelli
GSP Club of San Diego2009-02-06 AGD 3 14Tom WhiteRon Myers
GWP Club of Southern California2008-11-15 OGD 3 22Craig LewisGreg Knight
Southern Arizona GSP Club2005-01-29 OLGD 1 30Tom DavisJim Yates
GSP Club of Utah2004-09-11 OGD 2 17Zack MillerRich Burgi
Desert GSP Club2004-09-03 OLGD 1 25John TunbergDennis Hidalgo
GSP Club of Oregon2004-04-10 OGD 2 23Mike WoodyJoseph Schaefer
Southern Arizona GSP Club2004-01-24 OGD 4 41Michael JonesLou Tonelli
El Paso Del Norte GSP Club2003-12-06 OGD 4 14Vicki NorthingtonGail Tunberg
Southern Arizona GSP Club2003-01-25 OGD 4 26Tom DavisJim Yates
GSP Club of Idaho2001-05-04 OD 2 8Steve BallDaniel Taylor
GSP Club of Washington2001-04-21 OD 4 17Richard MatzkeF Furlan
GSP Club of Utah2001-04-13 OD 2 6Allen BradEmmett Burns
Southern Arizona GSP Club2001-02-17 OD 1 6Michael McGahFrank Santana