Flintlock's Bambino

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Flintlock's Bambino

AKC Number SN61773905
Breed German Wirehaired Pointer
Owner(s) S Milbrad/P Milbrad
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GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2000-12-02 OD 4 7G KowalskyTrena Cardwell
Sutter Buttes GSP Club2000-11-18 OD 1 10Robert SmithJim Absmeier
GSP Club of Idaho2000-05-12 OP 2 9Richard MatzkeMel Lee
GSP Club of Idaho2000-05-12 OD 4 10Doug ShinnMarty Middleton
GSP Club of Washington2000-04-22 OP 3 13M KinneyRay Calkins
Inland Empire GSP Club2000-04-15 OP 3 12Mark T SmithHeinz Ahlman
Oregon GWP Club2000-04-08 OP 1 9Doug JohnstonJim House
Oregon GWP Club2000-04-08 OD 3 18Victoria JonesD Ljungren
GSP Club of California2000-03-18 OP 3 5Bill TannerDennis Hall
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2000-02-26 OP 3 10J BodutchRaymond Nelson
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2000-02-05 OP 3 6Robert SmithLou Tonelli


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