FC Mrk's Western Whitey

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FC Mrk's Western Whitey

AKC Number SN16216101
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) R Straight/L Straight
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Oregon GWP Club2003-09-13 ALGD 4 21Tom PetersRyan Quesenberry
GWP Club of Northern California2003-05-17 AGD 1 23Mark BoydHarry Beck
GSP Club of Oregon2003-03-29 ALGD 3 22Terry DuffinDebra Meifert
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2002-11-29 OLGD 2 13Tom BroadKent Greenough
Oregon GWP Club2002-09-14 OLGD 1 21Todd SchaafGary Brown
GSP Club of Oregon2002-09-07 ALGD 3 22Gary BrownJohn Files
GSP Club of Oregon2002-09-07 OLGD 1 29Calvin PalmerFrank Fernandez
GSP Club of Washington2002-04-20 OLGD 2 28Steve JonesMel Lee
Inland Empire GSP Club2002-04-13 OLGD 2 20Gary WickwireFrank Fernandez
Oregon GWP Club2002-04-06 OLGD 1 25Angela SchillereffJoseph Schaefer
Irish Setter Club of Central California2002-02-16 OLGD 1 25Ken RuffRay Marshall
Sutter Buttes GSP Club2001-11-17 AGD 1 16Steve GiovannettiLou Tonelli
Northern California Brittany Club2001-09-29 OAA 3 14Michael JessenRobert Wire
GSP Club of Oregon2001-09-08 AAA 4 12Richard MatzkeBen Hill
Western Washington Weimaraner Club2001-09-01 OAA 4 27Brian HillRobert Showalter
Inland Empire GSP Club2001-04-14 OAA 3 15Steve ShortD Ljungren
Cascade Pointer Club2001-04-07 OAA 4 17Doug JohnstonJim House
GSP Club of Oregon2001-03-31 OAA 3 13David L ButlerD Ljungren
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2001-02-24 OAA 1 12Tom BroadMack Smith
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2000-12-02 AGD 4 16Don PoolJon Morton
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2000-12-02 OAA 1 15Gene DrakeMarian Sears
GSP Club of Riverside County2000-11-10 OAA 2 13Greg KnightRon Myers
San Joaquin GSP Club2000-11-04 AGD 4 29Robert BraleyJames Rice
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2000-10-07 OAA 2 13Matt Czarnecki Jr.Catherine Black
Tri Cities GSP Club2000-09-16 OAA 3 20Craig KellyDoug Johnston
GSP Club of Oregon2000-09-09 OAA 4 13Doug JohnstonR J Marguart
Oregon GWP Club2000-04-08 OAA 3 20James LandisD Ljungren
San Joaquin GSP Club2000-03-11 OAA 3 21Skip McMichaelsLynn Coats
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2000-02-26 OAA 1 11Shane PinkardRobert Wire
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2000-02-05 OAA 2 10Robert SmithLou Tonelli
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val1999-11-26 OAA 2 8Tom BroadDave Tompkins
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val1999-11-26 OLGD 2 20Debi OakleyDave Tompkins
High Sierra GSP Club1999-11-20 OAA 1 11Jack DraperGene Drake
GSP Club of America1999-10-28 NFC 4 79John P FrayneJack R Halford
GSP Club of California1999-09-18 OAA 1 8W FayRich Strumpf
GSP Club of Oregon1999-09-11 OLGD 1 16Joe KirbyBen Hill
GSP Club of Central California, Inc.1999-03-27 OAA 1 14Greg KnightSteve Giovannetti
GSP Club of California1999-03-20 OAA 2 16Jack DraperGeorge Hicks
Sutter Buttes GSP Club1999-01-30 OAA 3 11Arthur R LeeG Pirak
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val1999-01-23 OAA 1 8Pamela BrannGreg Anderson


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