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FC Authentic Attitude

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN67757307
Owner(s) K Madden/T Madden


Northern New England Brittany Club2008-05-17 OAA 2 7Jeff GrayAllen Welch
Hudson Valley GSP Club2007-06-01 OGD 2 15Jeffrey DroginRobert Vaulding
Sunflower GSP Club2006-10-13 OGD 1 33Gerald EasumDoug Hess
GSP Club of Ohio2006-10-07 OGD 4 16Jack AlexanderRegis Cantini
GSP Club of Ohio2006-10-07 OLGD 3 16Jack AlexanderRegis Cantini
Eastern New England Brittany Club2006-05-12 OAA 1 7Larry AllenAllen Welch
Central New England Brittany Club2006-04-08 OAA 2 7Leslie HuntJoseph Wessling
Hudson Valley GSP Club2006-03-18 ALGD 1 17Jeffrey DroginTerry Carty
Hudson Valley GSP Club2005-11-19 OLGD 3 18Richard MurphyTerry Carty
Central New England Brittany Club2005-09-17 OGD 2 32Patricia CarneyAllen Welch
Central New England Brittany Club2005-09-17 OLGD 3 24Bill GormanJohn Sala
Nutmeg GSP Club2005-04-09 AGD 3 18Al LucasKen Kohles
Hudson Valley GSP Club2005-04-02 OLGD 2 10Thomas GeorgePatricia Carney
Yankee Weimaraner Club2004-11-20 OGD 1 12Debra FreidusMichael Ernest
Yankee Weimaraner Club2004-11-20 AGD 2 19Tom MercierRichard Murphy
Nutmeg GSP Club2004-11-05 ALGD 2 13Michael ErnestAllen Welch
Pointer Associates of New England2004-10-23 ALGD 2 8Laura K BedfordAllen Welch
Central New England Brittany Club2004-09-18 OLGD 3 26Ralph KiracofeAllen Welch
Yankee Weimaraner Club2004-06-12 AGD 1 13Susan DeSilverDennis Duguay
Hudson Valley GSP Club2004-05-22 AGD 4 20Dean BrowningCalvin Welch
Hudson Valley GSP Club2004-05-22 OGD 2 15Dean BrowningCalvin Welch
Hudson Valley GSP Club2003-11-01 OLGD 2 8James BlaschkeDebra Freidus
Pointer Associates of New England2003-09-27 ALGD 1 11Tom MercierGwynne G. McDevitt
Pointer Associates of New England2003-09-27 OLGD 4 20Tom MercierLeslie Hunt
Central Maine Brittany Club2003-09-13 OGD 3 17Leland GriffinPatricia Carney
Eastern New England Brittany Club2003-05-10 OAA 4 15Richard GariniScott Blair
Yankee Weimaraner Club2002-11-16 OLGD 3 22Richard MurphyJeff Holmes
Yankee Weimaraner Club2002-11-16 ALGD 1 13Richard MurphyTom Zinnie
Hudson Valley GSP Club2002-11-02 OGD 3 15Tom MercierPatricia Carney
Eastern New England Brittany Club2002-10-05 OLGD 2 13Mitchell SwierczynskiTed Swierczynski
Central Maine Brittany Club2002-09-07 OGD 2 15Joseph WesslingJ Smith
Southern New England Brittany Club2002-03-23 OGD 4 29Jeff GrayJeff Holmes
Northern New England Brittany Club2001-05-19 OD 1 4Joseph WesslingJ Smith
Nutmeg GSP Club2001-04-07 OD 1 17Patrick CallahanMichael Ernest
Hudson Valley GSP Club2000-11-04 OP 3 5Keith MaddenTerry Carty
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2000-10-21 OP 4 13Jake BarberHans Borgmann
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2000-10-21 OD 4 18Keith MaddenCynthia Hibler
Southern New England Brittany Club2000-10-13 OP 1 10Lynda ZartarianRalph Pratt JR
Pointer Associates of New England2000-09-23 OP 1 26Thomas GeorgeCalvin Welch
Yankee Weimaraner Club2000-09-02 AWP 2 14Wayne ScubelekLinda Ouellette
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2000-09-02 OP 4 11L L Conable JRScott Blair
Central Maine Brittany Club2000-05-27 OD 1 7Frank Pride JRPatricia Carney
Northern New England Brittany Club2000-05-20 OP 3 9Craig DohertyRobert E Youngs
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2000-05-06 OP 2 10R T PuliceErica Bandes
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2000-05-06 OD 4 18Katrin TazzaR T Pulice
Pointer Associates of New England2000-04-22 OP 3 13James BlaschkeSandy Gunn
Nutmeg GSP Club2000-04-07 OP 4 8Tom MercierTerry Carty