DC Chilcote's You Know My Name

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DC Chilcote's You Know My Name

AKC Number SN69626907
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) L Taylor
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Michigan Brittany Club2005-09-24 AGD 2 23Wayne WarnersDennis Mcclary
Greater St. Louis Brittany Club2005-02-12 OGD 1 17Kevin RemmersHarold Heather
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2004-10-09 AGD 3 14Suzan LehoskyEd Lehosky
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2004-10-02 OLGD 1 20Jeff GrayPatrick Callahan
Eastern New England Brittany Club2004-05-07 OAA 4 9Jonathan QuarantaJeff Branco
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2004-04-10 OLGD 1 12Richard MurphyPatricia Sanborn
Irish Setter Club of Ohio, Inc.2004-03-20 ALGD 1 9Janet ParkerSandy Chapman
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2004-02-27 AGD 1 26Carol BlackRick Crites
Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan2003-10-25 OLGD 2 15Cheryl OrangeJudy Balog
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2003-10-11 OGD 4 21William H AugustineJames Skorik
Kentucky Brittany Club2003-10-02 OGD 3 26Dave KayserStephen Salt
Eastern Irish Setter Association2003-09-27 OLGD 1 14Kevin ArberJeanne Culver
Niagara Frontier Brittany Club2003-09-13 OGD 3 30Ronald Harling JRWilliam Tate
Susquehanna Brittany Club, Inc.2003-05-09 AGD 2 14Kenneth FisherEdward Kerr
Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan2003-03-15 OGD 1 30Mike OsmanWilliam Branham
Eastern Irish Setter Association2002-11-09 OLGD 4 11Dorothea RomanoJeanne Culver
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2002-10-12 OGD 2 16Joe HaubachJim Johnson
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2002-09-28 OLGD 4 21James D'AmicoDavid Marshall
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2002-08-24 OGD 3 21Kent HarterJulie Harter
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2001-11-03 OD 3 16Joe DiasSteven Bedford
Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan2001-10-27 OD 3 19Ken FalesJames Thacker
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2001-10-13 OD 2 12James SkorikRandy Whippich
Eastern Irish Setter Association2001-09-29 OD 2 18Walt TaitIvan Clark
Irish Setter Club of Michigan2001-05-05 OD 2 16Dan TenagliaMartina Friedeberg
Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan2001-03-17 OP 2 7Janet ParkerBernie Sheff
Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan2001-03-17 OD 1 8Janet ParkerMike Osman


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