NFC NAFC FC Tian's Lickity Split

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NFC NAFC FC Tian's Lickity Split

Breed Pointer
AKC Number SN28475901
Owner(s) E Bettesworth


American Pointer Club, Inc.2003-09-22 NFC 2 19Joe HanzelRay Marshall
American Pointer Club, Inc.2001-10-01 NAFC 1 13Mike FurcolowCharles Kelley
American Pointer Club, Inc.2000-10-02 NFC 1 20Daniel TaylorTerry Zygalinski
Cascade Pointer Club2000-09-30 OAA 1 9John StonebrakerTerry Zygalinski
Colorado Pointer Club2000-03-11 AGD 1 22Tom StanderFrank Lallas
GSP Club of Washington1999-04-24 OAA 4 28Robert ShowalterTerry Zygalinski
GSP Club of Oregon1999-04-03 OAA 2 23John FilesRobert Johnston
East Seattle Pointer Club1999-03-06 OAA 2 23D LesterJoe Kirby