Fully Automatic Gabby

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Fully Automatic Gabby

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN30862801
Owner(s) M Adams


Buckeye GSP Club2003-04-19 OAA 1 14Marc McKinleyRichard Pristov
GSP Club of Ohio2001-10-05 AAA 1 10Walter FishWayne Troutman
GSP Club of Ohio2001-10-05 OLAA 1 5Scott SnyderWayne Troutman
GSP Club of Michigan2001-05-12 AAA 1 13David SzostJames Baker
Lansing GSP Club2001-05-05 OAA 2 22Sean HauserArthur Moritz
Lansing GSP Club2001-05-05 OLAA 3 11Jerry AlbaneseJim Hardin
Buckeye GSP Club2001-04-21 AAA 3 15Jay SchnackelTerrance Ankron
GSP Club of Ohio2001-04-13 OLAA 3 10Chris CoonsTom Sigmund
Lansing GSP Club2000-10-13 OAA 1 5Ed HartWilliam Mehring
GSP Club of Ohio2000-10-06 AAA 1 10David SzostJames Baker 3
GSP Club of Ohio2000-10-06 OLAA 2 13James Baker 3Thomas Davis
Lansing GSP Club2000-05-06 OAA 2 15William MehringGeorge Newcomb
GSP Club of Ohio2000-04-14 OLAA 1 10Robert SzymanekBill Bussey
Lansing GSP Club1999-10-16 OAA 1 8Thomas DavisGary Jagoda
GSP Club of Michigan1999-05-15 OAA 2 15William MehringJohn Schoonover
GSP Club of Michigan1999-05-15 OLAA 3 13Gary JagodaJohn Schoonover