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FC Paw Sats Max Fli

AKC Number SN54650905
Owner(s) R Pawsat/M Pawsat


Kentucky Brittany Club2003-10-02 AGD 4 20Don WhittingtonRick Carlton
Central Arkansas Brittany2002-10-12 OGD 3 13Charles JohnsonJeff Seymour
Northern Virginia Brittany Club, Inc.2002-04-12 OGD 4 36Jeff AstonGeorge Mayhugh
Indian Nations Brittany Club2002-03-23 OGD 3 20John TillerChristopher Ward
Tidewater Brittany Club, Inc.2002-02-22 OGD 1 28Bruce ConoverBobbie L Sigmund
Sooner Brittany Club2001-11-02 OGD 1 22Edward PeaceDavid Downing
Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club2001-10-05 OGD 4 14Jack MurphyJim Crawford
Brittany Club of Upper New York2000-04-15 OD 4 26D CottonMathew Prater
Bama Brittany Club2000-02-04 OD 4 27Scott AckermanJerry Fulghan
Tidewater Brittany Club, Inc.1999-10-30 OD 3 14Art CohenJudith Cohen
Maryland Brittany Club, Inc.1999-10-09 OD 1 8Dr. K CherrySherry Stewart
Susquehanna Brittany Club, Inc.1999-10-02 OD 4 11Kent SmeltzJohn McMurray
Brittany Club of Upper New York1999-09-24 OD 4 21Scott SnyderTate Augustine
Rappahannock Brittany Club1999-09-17 OD 2 6Art CohenDouglas Bourne
Hawkeye Brittany Club1999-09-04 OD 4 12Randy RathmanJerry McGee
Ohio Brittany Club, Inc.1999-03-20 AWP 3 8Albert Cropek JRRonald Lisius
Ohio Brittany Club, Inc.1999-03-20 AWD 2 5Albert Cropek JRRonald Lisius
Music City Brittany Club1999-03-13 AWD 3 7Steve RollysonBill Haynes