Rock'n E Sage Buster

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Rock'n E Sage Buster

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN37443903
Owner(s) R Enloe


Inland Empire GSP Club2003-09-26 AGD 4 27Robin SitarEd Sitar
GSP Club of Reno2002-05-04 OLGD 4 15Cindy SmullenGordon Strohmeier
GSP Club of Oregon2002-03-30 AGD 2 16Gary WickwireFrank Fernandez
GSP Club of Oregon2001-09-08 AGD 1 20Doug JohnstonHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of Oregon2001-03-31 OGD 3 26Jacqueline DerooHeinz Ahlman
High Sierra GSP Club2000-11-25 AGD 2 15Matt Czarnecki Jr.Lou Tonelli
GSP Club of Reno2000-10-28 OLGD 1 12Raymond NelsonCharles Lundy
Tri Cities GSP Club2000-09-16 OGD 4 32Angela SchillereffRobert Johnston
GSP Club of Reno2000-05-06 AGD 1 12Gordon StrohmeierCharles Lundy
GSP Club of Reno2000-05-06 OGD 4 16Allean AshtonCharles Lundy
GSP Club of Reno2000-05-06 OLGD 3 16Ed Goulart Jr.J Bodutch
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val1999-01-23 OGD 2 18Raymond NelsonRobert Straight