NFC NAFC DC AFC Rudolph's Blitzen Von Duffin

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NFC NAFC DC AFC Rudolph's Blitzen Von Duffin

AKC Number SN74597001
Breed German Wirehaired Pointer
Owner(s) J Williams/S Williams
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GWP Club of America, Inc.2009-10-27 NFC 2 21Chuck PariettiEdward Myers
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2009-09-18 OLGD 4 22Steve ReynoldsWayne Yamashita
GSP Club of Oregon2009-09-05 OAA 1 6Gary WickwirePaul Husemann
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2009-05-02 AAA 2 10Gary WickwireFrank Fernandez
GSP Club of Oregon2009-04-26 OAA 3 8Heinz AhlmanJon Bole
GWP Club of Central Oregon2009-04-18 AAA 1 8Frank FernandezLeslie Like
GWP Club of Central Oregon2009-04-18 OAA 2 7Brian HillBryan Hogan
Inland Empire GSP Club2009-04-04 OAA 2 4Paul HusemannRay Calkins
Willamette Weimaraner Club2008-09-27 ALGD 1 16Tina LaceySteve Jones
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2008-09-19 OLGD 2 13Steve PasasJoe Waitman
GSP Club of Oregon2008-05-09 OAA 3 19Calvin PalmerJon Bole
GWP Club of Northern California2007-11-16 AAA 1 12Donald MagoonLou Tonelli
GWP Club of Northern California2007-11-16 ALAA 2 9Terry DuffinDon Pool
High Sierra GSP Club2007-11-13 OAA 3 16Nick NickolRichard Minolli
GWP Club of America, Inc.2007-10-29 AGD 1 22Charlie MillerDouglas Reisner
GWP Club of America, Inc.2007-10-29 NFC 4 22Diane VaterEdward Kerr
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2007-10-05 OAA 4 8Calvin PalmerJoe Waitman
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2007-10-05 OLGD 3 15Edward DixonTim Schillereff
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2007-09-29 OLGD 4 14Vern GrimslidJim Couris
Willamette Weimaraner Club2007-09-29 AAA 1 6Greg DielmanWayne Yamashita
Willamette Weimaraner Club2007-09-29 OAA 3 6Myron MeifertDebra Meifert
GSP Club of Idaho2007-09-14 OAA 1 16June McConnellEmmett Burns
GSP Club of Oregon2007-09-08 AAA 1 8Katherine BrownDave Wickens
GSP Club of Oregon2007-09-08 OAA 4 18Calvin PalmerMichael Eades
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2007-05-05 AAA 3 15Greg DielmanMyron Meifert
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2007-05-05 OAA 4 14Paul HusemannBrian Lybeck
Willamette Weimaraner Club2007-04-28 AAA 2 13Myron MeifertGordon Hansen
GSP Club of Idaho2007-04-20 OAA 1 16George WilsonSteve Pasas
GSP Club of Oregon2007-03-31 AAA 4 13Heinz AhlmanRoger Borine
GWP Club of America, Inc.2006-10-30 NFC 1 26Edward DixonBruce Hale
GWP Club of America, Inc.2006-10-30 NAFC 1 19David GouldKevin B Waide
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2006-10-07 OAA 4 12Joe WaitmanIrene Palmer
Willamette Weimaraner Club2006-09-23 OAA 1 8Peter Von OhlenJoseph Schaefer
Oregon GWP Club2006-09-15 AAA 4 11Gary WickwireBrian Lybeck
Oregon GWP Club2006-09-15 OAA 2 12James LandisPaul Husemann
GSP Club of Oregon2006-09-09 AAA 1 10Gary WickwireRobert Straight
GSP Club of Oregon2006-09-09 OAA 2 15James LandisPeter Von Ohlen
Oregon Brittany Club2006-09-02 OLGD 3 9Patti Van De CoeveringRoger Borine
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2006-05-13 OAA 2 7Peter Von OhlenDan Hoke
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2006-05-13 AAA 4 8Richard MatzkeChris Tewes
Oregon GWP Club2006-05-06 OAA 2 10James LandisMichael Eades
Willamette Weimaraner Club2006-04-29 AAA 1 10Penny LjungrenDebra Meifert
Willamette Weimaraner Club2006-04-29 OAA 1 10Gary WickwireGreg Dielman
GSP Club of Washington2006-04-15 OAA 1 5D LjungrenBrian Lybeck
Inland Empire GSP Club2006-04-08 OAA 3 6Calvin PalmerPaul Husemann
GSP Club of Oregon2006-04-01 AAA 2 13James LandisHeinz Ahlman
Southern Arizona GSP Club2006-01-28 OAA 3 22Lee HolsingerDonald Lee
Desert GSP Club2006-01-20 OAA 1 20Lyle ChristiansenJoe Hanzel
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2005-12-02 OAA 1 14Harry BeckWillie Stevens JR
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2005-12-02 OLGD 1 26Gordon StrohmeierLeif Lendrop
GWP Club of Northern California2005-11-25 OAA 1 8Terry DuffinLinda Azevedo
GWP Club of Northern California2005-11-25 OLGD 2 22Ellis HerzDavid Gould
GWP Club of Southern California2005-11-19 OLGD 4 26Leslie VargasRuss Settell
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2005-11-12 ALGD 2 18Greg AndersonRich Strumpf
Irish Setter Club of the Pacific - S.F.2005-11-12 OLGD 4 25Alex McLachlanTerry Zygalinski
Oregon GWP Club2005-10-01 OAA 2 10Steve JonesD Ljungren
Willamette Weimaraner Club2005-09-24 OAA 1 9Penny LjungrenPeter Von Ohlen
GSP Club of Idaho2005-09-16 OAA 2 11Michael HansingEmmett Burns
GSP Club of Idaho2005-09-16 OLGD 1 12Frank MuterspawJeff Hull
GSP Club of Oregon2005-09-10 OAA 2 13Peter Von OhlenLeslie Like
Oregon Brittany Club2005-05-21 AGD 4 11James LandisJim House
Oregon GWP Club2005-05-14 AAA 2 12Doug ShinnTom Farwell
Oregon GWP Club2005-05-14 OAA 2 11James LandisMyron Meifert
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2005-05-07 OAA 2 13Steve JonesPaul Husemann
GSP Club of Washington2005-04-16 AAA 3 9Paul HusemannHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of Washington2005-04-16 OAA 3 12Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
GSP Club of Riverside County2005-03-04 OAA 2 8Lynn CoatsMike Martin
GSP Club of Southern California2005-02-19 OAA 2 5Craig LewisElden Bouchie
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2005-02-12 OLGD 1 38Paul PishosMatt Czarnecki Jr.
GSP Club of California2005-02-04 OGD 3 32Leif LendropJim Searles
Southern Arizona GSP Club2005-01-29 OLGD 4 30Tom DavisJim Yates
Desert GSP Club2005-01-21 OAA 1 24Lyle ChristiansenDan Schoenfelder
Sutter Buttes GSP Club2004-11-12 OLGD 2 8Harry BeckLou Tonelli
Willamette Weimaraner Club2004-09-25 AAA 3 9Peter Von OhlenDaniel Green
Willamette Weimaraner Club2004-09-25 OAA 1 12Greg DielmanDebra Meifert
Willamette Weimaraner Club2004-09-25 OLGD 1 18Christephen PottsPeter Von Ohlen
GSP Club of Idaho2004-09-17 OLGD 1 22Marty MiddletonJeff Hull
GSP Club of Oregon2004-09-11 AAA 2 13Paul HusemannPeter Von Ohlen
GSP Club of Oregon2004-09-11 OAA 3 9Gary BrownKatherine Brown
GSP Club of Oregon2004-08-28 AGD 1 25Tom PetersDebra Meifert
GSP Club of Oregon2004-08-28 OGD 4 22Peter Von OhlenJanet Grunbok
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2004-04-22 OAA 1 22Kent HarterJulie Harter
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2004-04-17 ALGD 2 10J BodutchMatt Czarnecki Jr.
Inland Empire Brittany Club2004-03-27 AAA 4 13Mark ShearmanJoe Waitman
Inland Empire Brittany Club2004-03-27 OLGD 3 16William VyeRobert Lopez
Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club2004-02-14 ALGD 2 14Robert BlumCharles Lundy
Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club2004-02-14 OLGD 2 27Raymond NelsonRoss Nott
GWP Club of Northern California2003-11-07 OAA 2 8Jack DraperBill Landress
California Brittany Club2003-11-01 AAA 1 14Robert BraleyEdward Dixon
California Brittany Club2003-11-01 AGD 3 18John DevereCharles Lundy
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2003-10-11 AGD 2 14Sagran VCharles Lundy
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2003-10-11 AAA 2 13Gerald BarronKimberlee Ramage
GWP Club of America, Inc.2003-09-29 NAFC 1 26Lou TonelliFrank Lallas
Oregon GWP Club2003-09-13 ALGD 3 21Tom PetersRyan Quesenberry
Oregon GWP Club2003-05-03 AAA 4 14Peter Von OhlenBen Hill
Cascade Pointer Club2003-04-26 AAA 2 18Greg DielmanD Ljungren
GSP Club of Oregon2003-03-29 AAA 3 14Hal EngelPeter Von Ohlen
GWP Club of Northern California2003-03-07 OAA 1 4Shane PinkardMatt Czarnecki Jr.
Desert GSP Club2003-01-17 OAA 3 14Sean HauserTimothy Heiner
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2002-11-29 OLGD 4 13Tom BroadKent Greenough
Sutter Buttes GSP Club2002-11-16 OGD 1 24Eldon HongoDoug Stocks
GWP Club of Northern California2002-11-08 OAA 3 19Doug SteinshouerLauri Steinshouer
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2002-11-01 OLGD 1 33Ken KuivenhovenFrank T Elduen
Oregon GWP Club2002-09-14 OGD 4 26Katherine BrownTom Farwell
GSP Club of Reno2001-10-27 AWD 1 11Sagran VDon Gini
GSP Club of Reno2001-10-27 OD 1 12Sagran VRobert Straight
Northern California Brittany Club2001-09-29 AWD 1 11Michael JessenSara Shumer
GSP Club of Central California, Inc.2001-09-22 OD 1 14Gary BaszakRobert Smith
GSP Club of California2001-09-14 OD 3 18Rich StrumpfKimberlee Ramage
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2001-08-11 OD 4 18Bill TannerJ Bodutch


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