FC Baron Of Velvet Horn

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FC Baron Of Velvet Horn

AKC Number SN75371409
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) M Hewett
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GWP Club of Northern California2009-05-16 AGD 3 20Mark BoydRobert Smith
Sutter Buttes Pointing Club2009-01-09 AGD 4 11Nick NickolAnne Boyd
Willamette Weimaraner Club2008-09-27 ALGD 2 16Tina LaceySteve Jones
GSP Club of Oregon2008-09-06 AGD 3 16Heinz AhlmanRoger Borine
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2008-05-11 ALGD 3 19Steve JonesMyron Meifert
Monterey Bay English Setter Club2008-03-21 ALGD 4 11Harry BeckLinda Azevedo
GSP Club of California2008-03-15 AGD 1 19Donald MagoonBill Tanner
San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club2008-02-09 OLGD 3 39Paul PishosGordon Hoglund
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2007-10-05 OAA 3 8Calvin PalmerJoe Waitman
Willamette Weimaraner Club2007-04-28 AAA 3 13Myron MeifertGordon Hansen
San Joaquin GSP Club2007-03-09 OAA 3 16Bill TannerHarry Beck
Vizsla Club of Southern California2007-01-11 OAA 4 24Gordon HansenLou Tonelli
Northwest Pointing Dog Association2006-10-07 OAA 2 12Joe WaitmanIrene Palmer
Willamette Weimaraner Club2006-09-23 OAA 2 8Peter Von OhlenJoseph Schaefer
GSP Club of Oregon2006-09-09 OAA 1 15James LandisPeter Von Ohlen
GSP Club of Idaho2006-04-21 OAA 2 10June McConnellHeinz Ahlman
Inland Empire GSP Club2006-04-08 OAA 1 6Calvin PalmerPaul Husemann
GSP Club of Oregon2006-04-01 OAA 1 9Ray CalkinsD Ljungren
Vizsla Club of Southern California2006-01-13 ALGD 4 21Edward DixonTerry Zygalinski
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2005-12-02 AGD 3 20Willie Stevens JRLinda Azevedo
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2005-12-02 OAA 2 14Harry BeckWillie Stevens JR
GWP Club of Northern California2005-11-25 OAA 4 8Terry DuffinLinda Azevedo
GSP Club of Oregon2005-09-10 OAA 3 13Peter Von OhlenLeslie Like
Oregon GWP Club2005-05-14 OLGD 3 13Rocky TavaresJon Bole
High Sierra GSP Club2005-03-25 OAA 4 11James RiceBryan Rice
GWP Club of Northern California2005-03-18 AGD 1 13Jack DraperJames Rice
GSP Club of Southern California2005-02-19 OAA 1 5Craig LewisElden Bouchie
Vizsla Club of Southern California2005-01-14 OLGD 4 28Greg KnightDavid Gould
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2004-11-26 OGD 1 26Robert StraightLeif Lendrop
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2004-10-29 OLGD 1 19Ed Goulart Jr.Harry Beck
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2003-04-19 OGD 1 23Bill TannerKen Rader
High Sierra GSP Club2003-03-29 OGD 1 38Don PoolLou Tonelli
GSP Club of California2003-03-15 OAA 3 13Bill TannerTony Vandenberg
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2001-08-11 AWP 2 14Robert StraightJan Pitchford
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2001-08-11 OD 1 18Bill TannerJ Bodutch
GSP Club of Reno2001-05-05 AWP 3 15Allean AshtonJan Pitchford


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