CH NMK-R Desire's Desert Moon

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CH NMK-R Desire's Desert Moon

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN77527701
Owner(s) C Smullen


GSP Club of Reno2010-06-12 OLGD 3 7Anne BoydPierre Urrutia
GSP Club of Reno2009-10-24 AGD 4 8John HillPierre Urrutia
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2009-08-22 OLGD 2 8Ed Goulart Jr.Sandy Miller
GSP Club of Reno2009-06-06 AGD 4 13Anne BoydMatt Czarnecki Jr.
GSP Club of Reno2009-06-06 OLGD 4 9Lynda SwartAnne Boyd
GSP Club of Reno2008-06-07 AGD 1 11Raymond NelsonSandy Miller
GSP Club of Reno2008-06-07 OLGD 3 5Raymond NelsonCharles Lundy
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2008-05-10 AGD 2 6Tom WhiteMarilynne Little
GSP Club of Reno2007-06-09 AGD 3 15Shane PinkardEsteri Hinman
GSP Club of Reno2007-06-09 OLGD 3 4Shane PinkardEsteri Hinman
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club2007-01-13 ALGD 1 12Ken KuivenhovenJack Cooper
GSP Club of Reno2006-10-28 AGD 2 6Raymond NelsonSandy Miller
GSP Club of Reno2005-10-29 AGD 2 8Sarah ChvilicekAnne Boyd
GSP Club of Reno2005-10-29 OLGD 3 9Allean AshtonBill McCalla
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2005-10-15 AGD 2 13Roger BorineBob Meanley
GSP Club of Reno2005-06-11 OGD 3 9Matt Czarnecki Jr.Charles Lundy
GSP Club of Reno2002-06-08 AWD 1 8Thomas QuesnellAllean Ashton
GSP Club of Reno2002-06-08 OD 3 14J BodutchPaul George
GSP Club of Idaho2002-04-27 AWD 2 13Thomas QuesnellKay Craig
GWP Club of Northern California2002-03-08 AWD 2 11Mark BoydJ Bodutch
GSP Club of Reno2001-06-09 AWP 2 13J BodutchDave Kaul