FC Loose Lady

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FC Loose Lady

AKC Number SN78120901
Breed Pointer
Owner(s) J Haines/T Haines
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Colorado Pointer Club2006-09-15 OAA 2 13Mark HillCharles Kelley
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2006-05-27 OAA 1 8Leslee MasolotteKevin B Waide
American Pointer Club, Inc.2006-05-13 OGD 1 8Leslee MasolottePam Baird
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2005-09-24 OAA 1 22Herbert ReaMike Lager
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2005-05-28 OAA 4 19Bonnie Evans HidalgoAlan Davison
GSP Club of Colorado2005-04-15 OAA 4 14Bonnie Evans HidalgoGeorge Miller
Irish Setter Club of Colorado2004-03-27 AGD 2 17Jeff HoskinsKelly Porter
Irish Setter Club of Colorado2004-03-27 OGD 2 27Jeff HoskinsMatthew Clyker
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2004-03-20 OLGD 3 8Eric CookDon Gini
Colorado Pointer Club2004-03-06 AGD 4 15Scott SkinnerDoug Holmes
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2003-10-25 AGD 2 10Rex RobertsEric Bettesworth
GSP Club of Colorado2003-10-03 OAA 2 16Duane KirkleyDavid Towner
American Pointer Club, Inc.2003-09-22 NAFC 4 13Vicki NorthingtonTom Farwell
Colorado Pointer Club2003-09-13 OGD 1 25Ed DisherJim Butler
Colorado Pointer Club2003-09-13 OAA 1 13Mark HillBonnie Evans Hidalgo
GSP Club of South Georgia2003-02-21 OLGD 3 22Chris GoeganJim Wallace
GSP Club of Atlanta2003-01-10 OGD 1 25Brad WilsonGary Prince
GSP Club of South Georgia2002-12-13 OGD 1 15Brad WilsonGreg Leger
GSP Club of Colorado2002-10-04 OGD 2 25Ken ChenowethPeter Wilkin
GSP Club of Colorado2002-10-04 OLGD 2 14Peter WilkinArnie Eversull
GSP Club of Nebraska2002-09-20 OGD 3 61Mike MartinJames Messer
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2002-09-06 OGD 2 37Joe FingerlinDavid Bartlett
Buckeye GSP Club2002-04-20 OGD 3 23Joe HorriganWilliam Van De Weerd
Nutmeg GSP Club2002-04-05 OGD 3 21Tom MercierValerie Piper
GSP Club of Atlanta2001-11-30 OD 4 19Bill EllisTom Oswald
Bama Brittany Club2001-11-03 OD 2 11John HyderDon Crowley
GSP Club of Colorado2001-10-05 OD 2 9Susan WilliamsMike Martin


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