FC AFC Erbes Fireginger

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FC AFC Erbes Fireginger

AKC Number SN78492307
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) J Erbe
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North Florida GSP Club2013-02-09 AGD 2 4Don BonniceKary Jorgensen
Central Florida GSP Club2013-01-25 ALGD 4 8James A WestDon Bonnice
North Florida GSP Club2012-02-11 AGD 1 8Leonard HuttoRhonda Haukoos
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2010-12-04 ALGD 3 13James DemarcoPaula Gross
Sunflower GSP Club2010-10-15 AGD 2 24Brooks CarmichaelLawrence Howland
Nebraska Vizsla Club2010-10-02 ALGD 3 8David BartlettKevin Kuiper
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2009-11-19 OLGD 1 21Kent HarterPaula Gross
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2009-10-10 AGD 2 10Greg DixonMike Zimbelman
GSP Club of Lincoln2009-04-04 ALGD 3 8Chuck PariettiLarry West
Mid Florida Brittany Club2009-03-20 OLGD 4 11Carl ChecklickTeresa Gimbut
Tomoka Woods Pointing Breed Dog Club of Florida2009-03-07 ALGD 2 6Joe RuelaJim Hines
Weimaraner Club of the Tennessee Valley2009-02-13 OLGD 4 13James DemarcoWayne James
North Florida GSP Club2009-02-06 ALGD 1 13Judy HamiltonGary Seybert
North Florida GSP Club2009-02-06 OLGD 4 11Carl ChecklickLeonard Hutto
Central Florida GSP Club2009-01-24 ALGD 3 8Bob WilsonDavid Walker
North Florida GSP Club2009-01-17 ALGD 3 13Carl ChecklickGary Seybert
GSP Club of Atlanta2009-01-08 ALGD 3 14Sara KingBryan Long
GSP Club of Atlanta2008-11-13 ALGD 1 13Sean SwearingenJamie Fountain
GSP Club of Atlanta2008-11-13 OLGD 3 25Earl FowlsScott Krause
Heart of America GSP Club2008-03-28 ALGD 2 19Jim LovelandHeath Kooima
GSP Club of America2008-02-02 ALGD 4 18Jane PiroloWayne James
Central Florida GSP Club2008-01-25 ALGD 2 11Carl ChecklickRebecca Jacobs
Central Florida GSP Club2008-01-25 OLGD 2 15Don BonniceWayne James
Central Florida GSP Club2007-12-14 ALGD 1 16Bob WilsonWilliam Van De Weerd
GSP Club of South Georgia2007-12-07 OLGD 4 23Jessie RuelaJoe Ruela
GSP Club of Atlanta2007-11-16 OLGD 1 20Jane PiroloAline Scharpf
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2007-09-14 AGD 4 18Dano MorfChuck Thielen
AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship2007-04-02 NGDC 4 64Steve ShortJack Higgins
Nebraska Vizsla Club2007-03-17 ALGD 3 9Randy RathmanHeath Kooima
Weimaraner Club of the Tennessee Valley2007-02-16 OLGD 4 11Jane PiroloNikolaus Scharpf
Mid Florida Brittany Club2007-02-03 AGD 2 14Carl ChecklickLisa Durham
Central Florida GSP Club2007-01-26 ALGD 2 8Judy HamiltonDon Wood
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2006-12-29 AGD 3 18Grace LawsonChris Goegan
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2006-12-29 ALGD 1 17Gino DicanioRichard Heller
Central Florida GSP Club2006-12-15 ALGD 2 8Hiriam StanfillGino Dicanio
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2006-11-30 ALGD 3 15Charlie BlackbournAndrew Agnew
Sunflower GSP Club2006-10-13 ALGD 4 13Dustin OchsCecil Duncan
GSP Club of Nebraska2006-09-22 AGD 3 16Larry WestTom Maneely
GSP Club Of Lincoln2006-09-02 AGD 1 15Timothy HeinerChuck Bogaard
GSP Club of Nebraska2006-05-12 AGD 3 14Tony McgranePaula Abbot
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2006-04-28 ALGD 1 18Howard BurbachLarry Voecks
GSP Club Of Lincoln2006-04-08 ALGD 3 12Pat WareskRandy Neises Sr.
Nebraska Vizsla Club2006-03-18 ALGD 2 13Jack HigginsKevin Stonehouse
GSP Club of South Georgia2006-02-17 OLGD 3 22Scott KrauseGreg Leger
North Florida GSP Club2006-02-10 ALGD 1 12Lew RhodenL Holbrook
GSP Club of America2006-02-01 ALGD 3 11Joel DavidsonAndrew Agnew
Central Florida GSP Club2006-01-27 ALGD 1 10Judy HamiltonTerry Cabral
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2005-12-29 ALGD 2 14David KingSara King
GSP Club of South Georgia2005-12-09 OLGD 4 12Tom OswaldDavid Walker
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2005-12-02 ALGD 1 10David KingSara King
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2005-10-22 ALGD 1 16Cynthia FindleyGraham Fowler
GSP Club Of Lincoln2005-04-09 ALGD 2 13Doug HessBill Cockrum
GSP Club of South Georgia2005-02-18 OLGD 3 23Brad WilsonDavid Walker
GSP Club of North Florida2005-02-11 OLGD 3 15William AbbeyDenise Abbey
Central Florida GSP Club2005-01-28 AGD 1 9Hiriam StanfillDavid King
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2004-12-29 AGD 2 17Richard BarberRon Lambert
GSP Club of Nebraska2004-09-17 AGD 4 30Howard BurbachGerald Easum
GSP Club Of Lincoln2004-08-28 AGD 2 24Stan TruksaJack Higgins
GSP Club Of Lincoln2004-08-28 OLGD 1 27Jerry DutemplePaula Abbot
GSP Club of Nebraska2004-08-21 AGD 3 18Jack HigginsTom Maneely
GSP Club of Nebraska2004-05-14 ALGD 3 21Richard BrewingtonBecky Brewington
GSP Club of Nebraska2004-05-14 OLGD 3 28Richard BrewingtonBecky Brewington
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2004-04-22 AGD 1 22Jim Douglass JRLarry Voecks
GSP Club Of Eastern Iowa2004-04-17 OGD 4 21James MillsThomas Smith
GSP Club Of Lincoln2004-04-03 OLGD 3 21Johnnie PappanHerbert Rea
Sunflower GSP Club2004-03-19 ALGD 1 14Cecil DuncanLarry Hagedorn
Central Florida GSP Club2004-01-23 AGD 4 22David KingRandy Homan
Central Florida GSP Club2003-12-12 OGD 1 13Carl ChecklickAl Luther
GSP Club of North Florida2003-11-07 AGD 1 13Scott SnyderRichard Kern
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2003-10-18 OLGD 2 13Jack HigginsTom Maneely
GSP Club of Colorado2003-10-03 ALGD 4 17George MillerLarry Voecks
GSP Club of Nebraska2003-09-20 AGD 4 23Howard BurbachJoe Fingerlin
Nebraska Brittany Club2003-09-05 OGD 4 41Mike VoshellBruce Heiter
GSP Club of Nebraska2003-08-23 OLGD 2 8Jack HigginsTom Maneely
GSP Club of Nebraska2003-05-09 ALGD 1 13Gulledge RobbieWilliam Burton
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2003-04-25 OLGD 4 27Doug HessJohn Houck
GSP Club of Colorado2003-04-11 AGD 2 15Kim LovelandClayton Cummings
Central Florida GSP Club2003-01-24 OGD 3 15Carl ChecklickDon Wood
GSP Club of Nebraska2002-09-20 AWD 1 4Lori RezzardiDave Benson
GSP Club of Nebraska2002-08-24 AWD 3 5Chuck PariettiJoe Fingerlin
GSP Club of Nebraska2002-08-24 OD 3 8David BartlettDoug Hess
GSP Club of Illinois2002-06-01 OD 3 8Charles DosenbachJeff Engelsman
GSP Club of Minnesota2002-05-25 OD 2 13Jack HigginsDoug Hess
GSP Club of Minnesota2002-05-25 AWD 3 11Doreen FernandezMark Murray
Ringneck GSP Club2002-05-04 OD 3 23Dick Ludwig Jr.Randy Rathman
GSP Club of Minnesota2002-04-13 OD 2 12Steve RalphCarl Olson
Heart of America GSP Club2002-03-29 AWD 3 14Howard BurbachGerald Easum
Heart of America GSP Club2002-03-29 OD 1 13Peter WilkinClint Wilber
Sunflower GSP Club2002-03-22 AWD 1 11Brad DudgeonGerald Easum
GSP Club Of Lincoln2002-03-09 OD 2 14Jeff SchulteJack Higgins
GSP Club of North Florida2002-02-08 AWD 1 8Carl ChecklickTerry Cabral
GSP Club of North Florida2002-02-08 OD 1 6Todd HardgroveJohn Bidou
Mid Florida Brittany Club2002-02-01 OP 1 6Joe RuelaTom Oswald
Mid Florida Brittany Club2002-02-01 OD 3 13Joe RuelaLeonard Hutto
Central Florida GSP Club2002-01-25 AWD 3 7Rebecca JacobsClifford Schnepf
Central Florida GSP Club2002-01-25 OD 2 8Carl ChecklickLew Rhoden
Central Florida GSP Club2002-01-25 AWP 4 7Clifford SchnepfJohn Bidou
Central Florida GSP Club2002-01-25 OP 3 7Lew RhodenJohn Bidou
GSP Club of North Florida2002-01-19 OP 2 7Carl ChecklickRebecca Jacobs
GSP Club of South Georgia2001-12-14 OP 1 8Tom OswaldCharlie Truluck
Central Florida GSP Club2001-12-07 OP 3 5Hiriam StanfillClifford Schnepf
Gateway GSP Club2001-11-02 AWP 4 7Lori RezzardiGary Bird
Sunflower GSP Club2001-10-12 AWP 4 9Alan NewportBlake Biggs


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