FC AFC Dunfur's Bovill Run

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FC AFC Dunfur's Bovill Run

AKC Number SN84117403
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) D Hoke
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AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship2010-05-01 NGDC 3 89James SchultzM Aldrich
GSP Club of Washington2010-04-17 AGD 1 17Paul HusemannMichael Eades
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2009-02-21 OLGD 1 18Marty MiddletonChad Conner
GSP Club of Oregon2007-09-08 ALGD 4 18Steve JonesRichard Matzke
GSP Club of Washington2007-04-14 ALGD 3 16Heinz AhlmanLeslie Like
GSP Club of Oregon2007-03-31 AGD 3 25Gary WickwireFrank Fernandez
GSP Club of Oregon2007-03-31 ALGD 4 19Gary GriffithJohn Williams
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2007-02-17 AGD 4 12Kita MorrisLinda Sanders
Oregon GWP Club2006-09-15 AGD 1 15Frank FernandezMichael Eades
GSP Club of Oregon2006-09-09 AGD 4 16James LandisGeorge Sturm
GSP Club of Oregon2006-04-01 ALGD 2 11Steve JonesGary Wickwire
East Seattle Pointer Club2006-02-25 AGD 4 20Ray CalkinsHeinz Ahlman
Las Vegas Bird Dog Club2006-02-18 OLGD 2 7Cindy LeffingwellWilliam Leffingwell
Inland Empire GSP Club2005-09-30 AGD 1 19Calvin PalmerRyan Quesenberry
GSP Club of Oregon2005-04-02 OGD 1 19Richard MatzkeTom Farwell
Tri Cities GSP Club2005-03-26 OGD 2 16Robert LopezD Ljungren
GSP Club of Idaho2004-09-17 OGD 3 29Doug ShinnJack Cafferty
GSP Club of Oregon2004-09-11 OGD 1 19Richard MatzkeJon Bole
Oregon GWP Club2004-05-08 OGD 3 21Gary WickwireBrian Hill
GSP Club of Oregon2002-03-30 OP 4 12Terry DuffinPeter Von Ohlen
Tri Cities GSP Club2002-03-23 OP 1 11Stuart MilbradJanet Grunbok


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