FC Highwater La Belle Serena

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FC Highwater La Belle Serena

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SN84186203
Owner(s) V Rizzo


Fort Detroit GWP Club2009-04-04 ALGD 4 8Robert HoffmeyerDuane Yoder
Lansing GSP Club2008-10-11 OLGD 4 17Kent MerrymanJohn Potter
GSP Club of Michigan2006-09-09 OLGD 3 18Ross VanderbosRonald Shcultz
Lansing GSP Club2005-10-15 OLGD 1 16John PotterKevin Byrne
GSP Club of Michigan2005-09-10 OLGD 2 18Perry WilliamsonClifford Mesnard II
Vizsla Club of Michigan, Inc.2005-04-30 OLGD 3 31Gil HopperEd Tucker
GSP Club of Ohio2005-04-16 OGD 2 24Joe AmatulliHelmut Schoen
Lansing GSP Club2004-10-09 OLGD 3 18Tom OswaldJames Baker
GSP Club of Michigan2004-09-04 OGD 1 29James BakerPaul A Connelly
GSP Club of Michigan2003-05-10 OD 1 8John GolobJohn Schoonover
GSP Club of Michigan2002-09-07 OD 4 14John SchoonoverWill Langley