FC AFC Wildhaven's Determind Daisy

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FC AFC Wildhaven's Determind Daisy

AKC Number SN85113309
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) D Benson
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GSP Club of Minnesota2006-09-23 OLGD 3 21Lawrence HauseDennis Pierce
Four Lakes GSP Club2006-09-08 OLGD 4 31Mark JohnsonMike Cook
GSP Club of Minnesota2006-05-26 AGD 1 13Diane VaterChuck Cooper
Twin Cities GWP Club2006-05-19 AGD 1 14Ray MarshallWayne Wiener
Twin Cities GWP Club2006-05-19 OGD 1 15Ray MarshallDennis Pierce
Twin Cities GWP Club2006-05-19 OLGD 3 18Dan VossDennis Pierce
GSP Club of Michigan2006-05-13 OLGD 3 25John SchoonoverWill Langley
Twin Cities Vizsla Club, Inc.2006-04-22 AGD 1 8William WebbMark Smith
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2006-04-14 OGD 2 22Robert CreaneyMark Johnson
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2005-10-22 OLGD 3 26Mike ZimbelmanStephen Hetmanek
Central Minnesota Pointing Dog Club2005-10-07 AGD 1 10Todd MannsWayne Wiener
GSP Club of Minnesota2005-09-24 OLGD 2 14Kevin JahrJoseph Aspenson
GSP Club of Minnesota2005-09-24 AGD 2 11Marshall TschidaJoseph Aspenson
Four Lakes GSP Club2005-09-09 AGD 4 20Dennis HartMike Kindler
Four Lakes GSP Club2005-09-09 OLGD 4 21Larry BradleyStan Jones
GSP Club Of Lincoln2005-09-03 OGD 1 25Robert KoserTerry Hawkins
Twin Cities GWP Club2005-05-20 AGD 3 13Diane VaterChuck Cooper
Twin Cities GWP Club2005-05-20 OLGD 3 27Scott JordanDouglas Reisner
Irish Setter Club of Minnesota2005-05-14 AGD 1 12John CarroccioCharles Aspenson
Irish Setter Club of Minnesota2005-05-14 OGD 3 14Allan AndersonRobert Larsen
Twin Cities Vizsla Club, Inc.2005-04-16 OLGD 2 8William WebbMark Smith
Twin Cities GWP Club2004-05-21 OGD 3 30Ellis HerzWayne Wiener
Twin Cities Vizsla Club, Inc.2004-04-16 OGD 2 21William WebbMark Smith
GSP Club of Minnesota2002-09-28 OD 1 5Todd MannsLarry Loftin
Twin Cities GWP Club2002-08-24 OD 2 18Todd MannsWayne Wiener
Twin Cities GWP Club2002-05-17 OP 1 8Frank VicariJackie Marshall
Twin Cities Vizsla Club, Inc.2002-04-06 OD 2 14Todd MannsSue Mueller


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