FC AFC Black Gold Fargo

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FC AFC Black Gold Fargo

AKC Number SN85268801
Breed Pointer
Owner(s) D Jorgensen/K Jorgensen
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Central Florida GSP Club2012-01-28 AGD 4 13Bob ErbeJan Erbe
North Florida GSP Club2012-01-21 ALGD 3 9David KingDon Bonnice
Central Florida GSP Club2011-12-16 ALGD 2 8Carl ChecklickJohn Houghton
GWP Club of Northern California2008-11-21 ALGD 3 20Mark BoydRobert Smith
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2005-10-15 AAA 1 15Steve CosgraveHelen Rogers-Riggle
Vizsla Club of Northern California2005-03-05 ALGD 2 11Debi OakleyMarian Sears
GSP Club of Reno2004-10-23 AGD 2 13Sagran VCarl Sutton
GSP Club of Oregon2004-09-11 ALGD 2 13Jacqueline DerooRay Calkins
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2004-04-17 ALGD 1 10J BodutchMatt Czarnecki Jr.
High Sierra GSP Club2004-03-26 AGD 1 18Raymond NelsonTom Gross
High Sierra GSP Club2004-03-26 OGD 4 24John DevereArt Lee
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2003-11-28 OGD 4 22Ed Goulart Jr.Willie Stevens JR
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2003-10-03 OGD 1 34Kathy ShockeyVince Teofilo
GSP Club of Reno2003-06-07 OGD 1 7J BodutchMatt Czarnecki Jr.
GSP Club of California2003-03-15 AGD 4 17Ed Goulart Jr.Bill Root
San Joaquin GSP Club2002-12-06 OD 1 12John CushingJack Draper
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2002-11-29 OD 4 9Robert StraightJim Absmeier
GSP Club of Reno2002-10-26 OD 4 12Thomas QuesnellSagran V


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